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Feudal Baron: King’s Land Medieval City Builder Trailer

Sim Farm S.A. and publisher PlayWay S.A. have released the first details about their medieval city builder, Feudal Baron: King’s Land, in a new game trailer. In this city-builder, players have the opportunity to command and expand a medieval city that is filled with all of the challenges from the time period.

In the Feudal Baron: King’s Land game trailer, viewable below, viewers are treated with some of the first gameplay video of the city builder. From building simple wooden shacks to expansive stone keeps players get to design their city how they want. However, to keep the city is a whole other story.

Enemies of the realm are everywhere. The city will need to be fortified against foreign invaders. Collected goods will help survive sieges with garrisoned fortifications. Players will want to do everything in their power to ensure the defenses hold for if they fail, the settlement can be sacked. In such a scenario buildings will burn and citizens will die.

Not all enemies come in the form of a marching army. In some cases the enemy is lurking from within. Various calamities will occasionally afflict the city. Fires, plague outbreaks or rebellions of discontent citizens are all threats from within that players will need to stay on top of in order to ensure they will have a growing and thriving medieval city.

Of course, to grow a city to begin with will require resources. Players will start with a modest settlement and a handful of citizens. Resources from the natural world are necessary along with wise city planning will grow the city.

The royal treasury of the kingdom will have demands of gold so players will need to generate income from citizens in the form of taxes. Any extra can be used to build new buildings. Various buildings can be utilized along with collected resources to craft tools, weapons, and armor which in turn can be sold to merchants.

Only by keeping the citizens happy, the enemies at bay, and the royal treasury stocked will one be able to create a successful and thriving medieval city.

Feudal Baron: King’s Land currently has a yet to be announced release date. When the game launches it will be available on Windows PC through Steam. Players can add the game to their wishlist. For more information on Feudal Baron: King’s Land visit the game’s Steam page.

Feudal Baron: King’s Land – Trailer | PlayWay

PlayWay S.A. (@Play_Way Twitter) is the second largest producer and publisher of video games in Poland and one of the top in Europe. Founded in 2011 by Krzysztof Kostowski with a goal to build games for all platforms, the company since has released over 70 games for the world marketplace.

Sim Farm S.A. is a video game developer and publisher based in Warsaw, Poland. The studio previously served as publisher for Farm Manager 2018 and Farm Manager 2021. Currently the studio is busy developing Orchard Simulator, Trapper Simulator, Fishermen’s Haven, and Feudal Baron: King’s Land.