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The Lightbringer Puzzle Platformer Demo and Trailer

Zordix Publishing and Polish developer Rock Square Thunder released a free to play demo of their charming story-driven puzzle platformer, The Lightbringer on Steam. Along with The Lightbringer demo release is a brand new trailer that features both gameplay and a quick deep dive into the game.

A fun mix of platforming with puzzles and light combat creates an old-school styled adventure. The story is a heartfelt sibling tale that is fully voiced and in verse throughout the game. All of the game’s story is set in a once beautiful world now claimed by a vile corruption. With guided help from the brother’s sister in spirit form, the sibling sets off on an adventure to cleanse the corruption and become The Lightbringer.

Players interested in the game will want to jump into The Lightbringer demo sooner than later as the game’s demo will be available until after full release. Currently the game does not have a release date. The game is planned for a release later this year on PC through Steam and on console for Nintendo Switch.

In the brand new trailer, voiced by Eleanor the voice of the sister, players are treated to a quick deep dive into the game’s world and semi-isometric gameplay. Each level is its own mini-world environment with a set theme such as a tropical island or dark dungeon. The story is a narrative told entirely in verse.

Corruption and slimy enemies taint the world. The player must succeed where the sister failed in riding the world of the corruption. This is done by collecting light motes throughout the level which provide power to cleanse altars at the end of each level. There will be enemies and challenges to overcome that will test both the skill and determination of players.

The Lightbringer demo is available on Windows PC through Steam. Players can add the game now to their wishlist and get notified when it becomes available on Steam. For more information about The Lightbringer follow @GetLightbringer on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

The Lightbringer – Gameplay Trailer | Zordix Publishing

Zordix Publishing (@ZordixPublish Twitter) is the publishing branch of the Zordix Group. Founded in 2009 and is based in Umeå, Sweden, the publishing division is focused on helping independent studios take their games to market and is licensed to publish on all major platforms. Additionally they assist the studios with marketing, management, porting, and publishing.

Rock Square Thunder (@thunder_square Twitter) is a Polish indie developer based in Kraków. The origins of Rock Square Thunder date back to 2014 when the founders met at Bloober Team where they worked on multiple projects such as Layers Of Fear, The Observer, Blair Witch and The Medium. After work the group enjoyed their time together hanging out, playing video games, and coming up with ideas. In 2015, The Lightbringer began as an afterhours solo project that evolved to include two more and by 2020 were operating under the Rock Square Thunder banner with the team expanding to nine in 2021.