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41 Hours A FPS Narrative with Time Manipulation

Valkyrie Initiative and Texelworks released today their 3D first-person shooter, 41 Hours, that features time manipulation and other sci-fi abilities. Available on Steam, players are thrown into a single player narrative adventure of what a workaholic scientist will do to find his lost wife.

Meet Ethan Moore. He is a scientist who studied blackhole formations and space-tine continuum distortions in an effort to achieve time travel. His belief was that every decision made, for every event that occurs, there are infinite possibilities which occur in parallel. A person’s life exists on a single thread, but wormholes could enable one to travel to the various threads.

While Ethan may be a genius, he is terrible with his work-life balance. In fact he is a workaholic who sacrifices his family life. His wife, Clara, has been effectively living alone while Ethan spent his days and weeks in the laboratory. On one anniversary Ethan was to be home for the special event, however, he got caught up in his work and missed out on the dinner Clara had planned. Clara was distraught and cried herself to sleep. Unfortunately she had left the stove on that had set the house ablaze leaving no survivors.

Now Ethan is a man on a mission to find his lost wife.

The game’s narrative story plays out over 11 chapters with roughly 20 hours of game play. During the journey players will get to play with all sorts of sci-fi toys such as using portals for teleporting through the space-time continuum. There are extraterrestrial environments, overwhelming waves of robots, and alien manipulated zombies. Diving deep into the multiverse theory players will also get to mess around with super-human abilities such as telekinesis and have fun with invisibility through the use of a cloaking device. Challenging puzzles, realistic guns and bullet mechanics, time manipulation, some comic book styling, and more are waiting for players as they guide Ethan on his journey.

41 Hours is available on Windows PC through Steam for $14.99 USD. A 10% off special launch promotion runs until May 28, 2021. The 41 Hours: Prologue that features about one hour on content is available for free to play on Steam. For more information about 41 Hours visit the game’s Steam page.

41 HOURS – Gameplay Trailer 2021 | Valkyrie Initiative

Valkyrie Initiative (@ValkyrieInitia1 Twitter) is a Russian video game publisher with a focus on indie game titles with a decade of experience on Steam. Previously the studio has helped publish titles such as Demoniaca: Everlasting Night and Hippocampus. Currently the company is working on Card Blitz: WWII and Orange Cast.

Texelworks is a game development studio based in northwestern Romania. Currently the studio is working on its first Steam title 41 Hours. The studio also released a 41 Hours: Prologue on Steam in March 2021.