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Cardnarok: Raid with Gods Roguelike Deckbuilder Out on Steam

Indie game developer Greedy Wolf Studio released their roguelike deckbuilder, Cardnarok: Raid with Gods, on Steam along with a launch week discount. The cartoonish mythical deckbuilder takes inspiration from card battlers like Slay the Spire and Monster Slayers to create an exciting changeup on the core gameplay where players manage three heroes instead of a singular hero by harnessing the powers of the gods.

While managing the three heroes players will need to make clever use of Divine Cards that alter their effects after a character switch. Switching in battle can trigger other beneficial effects too. For example, the Greek goddess Aphrodite will heal the lowest hit point team member after a switch. The Greek goddess Athena will attack the monster with the highest health upon a switch. Using switches to trigger divine abilities opens up numerous possibilities and adds a whole new tactical element to comabt.

The concept is actually quite simple. Say you want to make an attack and switch to a damage dealer to maximize the damage. The monsters may or may not make an Opportunity Attack during the switch, so you will need to weigh up the pros and cons before making every move.

Frank Chang, Cardnarok Developer & Greedy Wolf Studio Founder

Each expedition or adventure can only go so far. It becomes a game of survival. Health is not automatically restored after a level or a battle. In addition each expedition is procedurally generated that has new paths, loot, and creatures.

Currently in game are Greek and Egyptian gods the players can unlock and lead into battle. Players can develop their very own deck builds, preview levels, and choose their path to survive the mythological bosses and even defeat Azathoth in each playthrough. With launch also comes the new Hard, Nightmare, and Hell difficulties. After launch the developer plans to begin work on Chinese mythology and make the game available on other PC platforms.

The gameplay has transcended to another level with the introduction of the new Hard, Nightmare, and Hell difficulties. You can decide which deities to join the battle after studying monster traits in battle previews and which monster to put down first, and the addition of traits has added multiple layers of strategy for hardcore card game players to think about.

I have beaten the final boss at the Hell difficulty as the game’s designer to make sure it’s doable. We tested the game for hundreds of hours and had a lot of fun doing it. I hope the game can give card gamers a good challenge.

Frank Chang, Cardnarok Developer & Greedy Wolf Studio Founder

Cardnarok: Raid with Gods is available on PC through Steam for $19.99 USD. A special launch week 30% off promotion runs until May 21, 2021. For more information about Cardnarok: Raid with Gods visit the game’s Steam page.

Cardnarok: Raid with Gods Official Launch Trailer | Greedy Wolf Studio

Greedy Wolf Studio (@greedwolfstudio Twitter) is an indie game studio based in Taipei, Taiwan. Named after the Greedy Wolf Star, the Chinese equivalent of Alpha Ursae Majoris, the star is the embodiment of the Entertainment portfolio in the Chinese constellations. Founded in 2018 by Taiwanese-Canadian developer Frank Chang who previously worked for Blizzard, iDreamSky, and goGame, the three person studio has been working on its first indie game, Cardnarok: Raid with Gods.