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SimPocalypse Launch Rebuilds Civilization

Surviving an apocalypse is hard, managing and rebuilding civilization is another challenge that Gamex Studio is challenging players with in SimPocalypse. The indie game developer puts players in charge of leading fellow survivors build a thriving new world on the ashes of the previous world.

While having some similarities with other city builders and post-apocalyptic games, SimPocalypse centers gameplay on the broad macro-management elements of civilization building. Right from the start players start with a small group of survivors. One will need to quickly think of ways to organize the survivors for the most effective means of resource gathering and building of basic needs in order to survive. After all it is not like the local grocery store is being freshly stocked let alone still standing.

The era of technological advancement and civilization is over, now is the era of survival in this 4X clicker sim. With the early access exit, SimPocalypse challenges players to get through the early stages or survival and become a refuge for other survivors. Together these survivors can rebuild what once was and serve as a place of hope.

Unfortunately problems of the old world are still problems in the new world. As one expands outward in the world around them there will be others doing the same thing. These others can become economic allies or a military target in need of conquering. The choice is up to the player.

Giving players the tools to focus on the broad strategy, instead of doing the repetitive, boring gruntwork, is extremely important to us in a management/simulation game.

Developers, Gamex Studio

The developers want players to eventually control up to billions of citizens and rebuild millions of structures to test out their managerial skills. A constant struggle exists between the wellbeing of the people, random events, and the need for expansion. Research and core key jobs are necessary to provide a proper environment for a thriving civilization.

Other features of the game include over 100 unique unlocks and upgrades. The world is procedurally generated and contains random events. Approximately 20 or more hours are required to complete a single playthrough at x10 speed. Challenges, harder difficulties, or huge numbers through the prestige function are some of the gameplay that awaits more seasoned players.

SimPocalypse is available on PC for Windows and Linux though Steam for $9.99 USD. A special 20% off launch promotion runs until May 18, 2021. At the time of this article a demo for the game is still available on and ArmorGames. For more information about SimPocalypse visit the game’s website at

SimPocalypse – Launch Trailer (Official) | Gamex Studio

Gamex Studio (@Gamex_studio Twitter) is a game development studio based out of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Previously the young company worked on contractual game development for other projects and now have begun branching out with their own titles such as War ClicksArena Raiders and now their Steam debut title SimPocalypse.