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Forgotten Fields Takes a Stroll Down Memory Lane on PC

Frostwood Interactive and publisher Dino Digital are taking a stroll down memory lane with their atmospheric narrative Forgotten Fields. The game’s cozy journey back home launched today on Steam and GOG for PC gamers everywhere.

The game’s story follows a writer, Sid, back to his childhood home before it is sold off to another family while struggling with a creative block and a looming deadline. Back at home, Sid will meet old friends, swim in the ocean, and solve relaxing puzzles all in hope of overcoming his writer’s block before a grant deadline.

As players enjoy the slice-of-life setting they will follow the narrative’s focus on nostalgia. Characters are written with deep interwoven histories and back stories. Both a vibrant visual style and a cinematic presentation combine to create a warm atmospheric game world perfect for mediating on the impermanence or rather shortness of life. The developer’s design goal is that the story lingers in player’s minds after they have finished the game.

It’s been a long journey which feels like writing the book itself. After our overfunded Kickstarter campaign and seeing the outpouring of kindness from not only the backers but also the general public, we can’t wait for people to start Sid’s journey and see where it takes them.

Armaan Sandhu, Director at Frostwood Interactive

Previously the indie solo developer held a Kickstarter campaign for Forgotten Fields. The campaign hit the full funding goal and even went on to meet the first stretch goal of additional outfits for Sid. During the game’s development, various aspects of the game’s design were discussed in a series of Developer Logs. All of these logs that discuss topics such as weather effects or building a neighborhood can be read on the Frostwood Interactive game page for Forgotten Fields. At this time the demo for the game is still available on Steam, GOG, and for players to check out before purchasing.

We’re extremely proud to be a part of Forgotten Fields’ release. Seeing a game release that is so relatable and with such meaning, in addition to being set in our own backyard, is a real special moment for all of us at Dino Digital.

Amer Ahmad, Founder at Dino Digital

Forgotten Fields is available on PC for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam and GOG for $14.99 USD. During the game’s first week of launch, until April 15, 2021, a 15% off discount is available. For more information about Forgotten Fields visit the game’s website or its Steam page.

Forgotten Fields Launch Trailer | Frostwood Interactive

Frostwood Interactive (@frostwood_int Twitter) is a single developer studio run by Armaan Sandhu. Founded in 2017, the studio first worked on the 2019 release Rainswept. The studio’s goal is to create works with focus on storytelling, characters and atmosphere that emotionally move, affect, and influence the player.

Dino Digital (@dinodigital_ Twitter) is an independent game studio and publisher. The Mumbai, India based studio is a brand new publishing company and is currently collaborating with Frostwood Interactive on Forgotten Fields.