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Forgotten Fields Narrative Meets Kickstarter Halfway Milestone

Solo indie developer Frostwood Interactive and publisher Dino Digital have announced that their Kickstarter campaign for the atmospheric narrative Forgotten Fields has hit the halfway funding milestone. In addition, the game’s Steam Summer Festival demo is now available on independent game platforms and Gamejolt.

In Forgotten Fields players will explore the story of Sid. As a writer struggling for inspiration and very desperate for his next book grant, players get to play through sections of Sid’s half-baked book idea. Besides suffering from a major creative block, the deadline for the grant is that very day and it’s a Sunday too!

Sid’s struggle with is creative block only becomes even more pressing when he is invited to a small party his mother is throwing. This party is a send off for his childhood home as it has been sold and is obligated to attend. With his reluctant journey back home, Sid runs into friends while reliving old memories.

The game follows a written narrative where players dive into concepts about nostalgia, creativity and the passage of time. As one plays through the various book idea sections, they will experience moments where Sid has sudden bursts of inspiration. Key decisions by the player will ultimately affect the outcome of both Sid’s journey and his book.

A demo for Forgotten Fields is available to play on Steam, and Gamejolt. The game is planned for a release at the end of 2020 on Steam for PC.

Forgotten Fields is still in the middle of their Kickstarter fundraising campaign which is set to end on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 5 AM PDT. Currently the project has 104 backers with a little over 65% of the funding pledged and about two weeks left on the campaign. For more information about Forgotten Fields visit the game’s website or its Steam page.

Forgotten Fields Reveal Trailer | Frostwood Interactive

Frostwood Interactive (@frostwood_int Twitter) is a single developer studio run by Armaan Sandhu. Founded in 2017, the studio first worked on the 2019 release Rainswept. The studio’s goal is to create works with focus on storytelling, characters and atmosphere that emotionally move, affect, and influence the player.

Dino Digital (@dinodigital_ Twitter) is an independent game studio and publisher. The Mumbai, India based studio is a brand new publishing company and is currently collaborating with Frostwood Interactive on Forgotten Fields.