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Legends of Ellaria ARPG RTS Hybrid Out on Steam

Indie game developer Larkon Studio has fully released their action RPG and RTS hybrid Legends of Ellaria on Steam. In 2017, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game had launched in early access and now after more than three successful years the game has formed a strong community.

Gathering a positive review rating during the early access period, the game combines mechanics of both RTS and action-RPG games to create an epic experience for players. In the game players are the lord of a blooming kingdom after escaping through a magical portal from a dying world to the thriving lands of Ellaria. Located between dimensions, Ellaria acts as a crossroad where many other factions and races have settled. Now, like the player, they fight for control over the prized magical Riftstones.

Players are tasked with managing their kingdom and making the right choices to ensure the kingdom grows and prospers. At the same time players can go on adventures, lead heroes and companions on dungeon raids, do quests, and lead troops into battle. As one rule’s their kingdom they can construct cities building by building in multiple regions. In the end the player will guide the destiny of their kingdom.

One can easily swap between world management, real-time strategy and first-person modes at any time. On the battlefield using one’s recruited army players can use RTS mechanics or lead and command them on the battlefield itself. Both first and third person modes for character control are available as one explores the procedurally generated open world of Ellaria where every dungeon, city and region will feel different than any place one may have visited in the past.

Legends of Ellaria is available on Windows PC through Steam for $24.99 USD. A 20% off special launch promotion is available until April 8, 2021. For more information about Legends of Ellaria visit the game’s Steam page or follow @L_O_Ellaria on Twitter.

Legends of Ellaria Full Release Trailer | Larkon Studio

Larkon Studio is an indie game development studio based in Israel. Founded in 2012 by Arik Helman and Adrian Tache who had previously worked together at an art design company. The duo spent their first years working on third-party projects and eventually pursued their own projects with Legends of Ellaria being the studio’s debut game title.