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Ranch Simulator Builds An Early Access Homestead

Solo indie developer Toxic Dog and publisher Excalibur Games have released their open-world homesteading title, Ranch Simulator on Steam early access. Build, farm, hunt, and trade are just some of the skills need for the challenging work that is ranching.

Starting with the old rundown family homestead, players will have to put in the hard work necessary to become the most prosperous ranch in the valley. In the open wilderness a whole open-world exists for players to explore and hunt either alone or with up to four players in multiplayer co-op.

The family ranch has fallen on hard times. It is in a state of disrepair. Tools are available at the local hardware store. A range of vehicles from the garage to further aid the rehabilitation efforts at the ranch. While the main house needs renovations, players will also want to get live stock that will need protection via means of barns, pens, and runs.

Renovations are not cheap. To pay for these projects players are tested through their ranching skills. Proper livestock management through regular feeding and watering will keep them healthy. Successful breeding will increase the numbers of one’s herd or flock giving way to more profits.

Knocking at the ranch’s front door is the wilderness. One can grab their trusty rifle and head to hunt some deer or bears. Naturally be this close to the wilds, there will be occasional predator threats to the ranch such as hungry wolves that will need to be stopped. Learning to shoot is a critical skillset in protecting the ranch and allowing it to grow and flourish.

Ranch Simulator is available on PC through Steam early access for $24.99 USD. A 20% off early access launch discount runs until March 11, 2021. For more information about Ranch Simulator visit the game’s Steam page or follow @RanchSimulator on Twitter.

Ranch Simulator – Official Multiplayer Trailer | Excalibur Games

Toxic Dog (@ToxicDogDev Twitter) is a Russian indie developer. Previously the solo developer released Catch A Lover, Catch A Lover – Nightmare DLC and Dummy! on Steam. Currently, Toxic Dog is focused on their early access project Ranch Simulator.

Excalibur Games (@Excalpublishing Twitter) is the publishing arm of parent company Contact Sales Ltd. Founded in 1997 the company has moved forward to release its own original products while reaching a worldwide audience on most major platforms. Their portfolio includes JalopyTracksShoppe Keep 2 and Flashing Lights.