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Gym Tycoon Flexes Into Early Access

Indie development studio Green Forest Games is flexing their game design muscles with the early access release of Gym Tycoon. Players get to build and manage their own 3D gym as they work to build a global fitness empire. A demo for the gym simulation is also available.

Billed as the ultimate gym management game, Gym Tycoon thrusts players into the unique world of fitness. In order to build a world-renowned gym capable of turning customers into bastions of fitness and prize-winning fans players will need to start at the bottom with a simple gym.

Currently the early access version of Gym Tycoon allows players to build and furnish their own gym. Hiring staff and keeping them satisfied will help level up the gym. Attracting customers, keeping them satisfied, and watching them develop are all necessary to grow the gym. Each customer is unique and as they train they can become prize-winners in prestigious competitions.

Experience points allow more furniture and items to be unlocked. Gym furniture can customized with color options. Currently some features and content is not present in the early access version of the game. The final version of the game will contain staffing, bars, wellness facilities, and more furniture. These features plus more refinements such as missing animations and balancing will be added over the estimated 12 month period in which the game will be in early access.

Gym Tycoon is available now in early access on Steam for $14.99 USD. A demo is also available on the game’s Steam page for players to try before they buy. For more information about Gym Tycoon visit the game’s Steam page or follow @Gym_Tycoon on Twitter.

Gym Tycoon – Trailer | Green Forest Games

Green Forest Games (@GreenForestGms Twitter) is an indie game development studio based in Boxtel, The Netherlands. Founded in April of 2020 by Jasper de Laat, the studio focuses on delivering high quality, desktop-first gaming experiences primarily through simulation games. Gym Tycoon is the studio’s first title.