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Curse of the Dead Gods Armory Update

Indie developer Passtech Games and publisher Focus Home Interactive have released a new patch, The Armory Update, for their rogue-lite adventure Curse of the Dead Gods. A new upgrade tab has appeared in the Underworld offering players a chance to unlock new weapons.

The Armory Update is all about weapons. This feature allows players to unlock and choose starting weapons. Over the course of runs their weapons can be improved. Champions will need to have their weapon unveiled first and unlocking them in the Underworld gives players a chance to find them in weapon Sanctuaries.

In the Main Hall players will find the newly added Weapon Alters. These will offer players different equipable weapons before each exploration. The new upgrade tab in the Underworld allows for weapon alters to be restored, weapon starting choices expanded, and upgrade weapon quality.

A new element can also be called upon, lightning, to help strike down groups of enemies. Weapons will apply an electrified status to enemies hit by such an attack. Final attacks with lightning weapons trigger a lightning bolt that strikes surrounding electrified enemies inflicting 50% of the final attack’s damage in addition to setting the enemies on fire. New weapon affixes and relics pertaining to the lightning element have been added to the game.

Jade Rings are a new currency drop off of the last Champion or Boss of each exploration. These can be spent to unlock new weapons. A first victory awards a large number of Jade Rings with each additional victory of an already completed exploration offering fewer.

New fighting styles have appeared in the game. Players can pick from a range of throwing weapons that includes throwing knives, weighted blades, hunting axes, silver stars, chromatic knives, and more. Whips have been added as secondary weapons. These medium distance distance weapons are useful in interrupting enemy attacks and comes in several varieties.

Several balancing changes were included in this patch. Bows have seen their playstyle revisited such as single shots can now be chained together. Many weapons have had their base damage adjusted. Off-hand combo damage has been increased to 150% up from 100%. In addition several visual adjustments, bug fixes and quality of life changes are included in the update.

Next up in the early access development of Curse of the Dead Gods will be The Eagle’s Spire Update. A new temple with its own gameplay mechanics plus new enemies, new champions, new final boss, new curses and new weapons are all planned for the next major update.

Curse of the Dead Gods along with The Armory Update is available now on Humble Bundle and Steam at a regular price of $17.99 USD for Windows PC. For more information about Curse of the Dead Gods visit the game’s website at or follow @PlayDeadGods on Twitter.

Curse of the Dead Gods – The Armory Update Trailer | Focus Home Interactive

Passtech Games (@PasstechGames Twitter) is an independent French game developer based in Lyon, France. Started in 2012, the company grew to become a team of dedicated and experienced game industry professionals that focus to deliver a qualitative and complete experience to gamers.

Focus Home Interactive (@FocusHome Twitter) is a publisher based in Paris, France. The company is known for the quality, diversity, and originality of its game portfolio of published and distributed original titles across all major platforms, consoles, and PC.

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