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Noita Magical Action Roguelite Fully Launches

Nolla Games have fully launched their indie magical roguelite action game Noita as it exited early access this morning. The self-published title, available on several popular digital distribution platforms, has an overwhelmingly positive rating of 95% with over 14,000 reviews on Steam.

Players unfamiliar with this indie hit are in for a real treat. In this magical world every pixel is physically simulated and players get to explore, fight, melt, burn, freeze and even evaporate their way through the procedurally generated world. All of this is possible through spells that the player creates themselves. A wide range of environments await for the player to manipulate so they can crush or set ablaze their foes.

The 1.0 launch update adds several new features and changes to others. A new daily practice run game mode provides exercise for one skills and the new Twitch integration will keep streamers on their toes. Stream viewers will be able to make the game even more chaotic for their streamer.

Biome modifiers make basic biomes different than their normal expected form. Some biomes even have simulated temperature effects. Several visual and audio enhancements add to the gameplay experience along with over 15 new music tracks such as Underground Jungle, Vault, Temple of the Art and more.

Current players will see several UI and gameplay tweaks for a better quality of life gaming experience. In addition there are many performance optimizations such as improving rainforest performance to fixing bugs such as incorrect UI scaling on some resolutions. A full list of changes can be found here.

Noita has exited early access with a full release and is now available on the Humble StoreSteamGOG, and with a current $19.99 USD price. A special 20% off sale is running for a very limited that discounts the game down to $15.99 USD. More information about Noita can be found on the game’s website at

Noita 1.0 Launch Trailer | Nolla Games

Nolla Games (@NollaGames Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Helsinki, Finland. The studio was formed by Petri Purho, Olli Harjola and Arvi Teikari. Previous titles from the studio’s founders include Crayon Physics DeluxeThe Swapper, and Baba Is You.

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