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Noita Release Date Set for Mid-October

Indie developer Nolla Games is getting ready to have their magical roguelite action title Noita exit early access with a release date set for mid-October. The self-published title will launch on several popular digital distribution platforms.

Since the early access release the interactive pixel art world of Noita encourages exploration and experimentation. Every pixel is physically simulated and only a player’s imagination is their limitation. In this magical world players create their own spells which in turn can be used to burn, evaporate, freeze, and melt their way through any obstacle.

From freezing wastelands to deadly caverns players with aid of their imagination will carve their own path through the world. By manipulating the surrounding environment with their spells players can wipe out any enemies that hinder their progress. As players progress the world changes procedurally creating unique playthroughs, new environments and endless possibilities.

At the 1.0 launch Noita will receive its largest update ever. New enemies, perks, music and over 20 spells are some of things to come in the release update. In addition a wide range of game improvements and bug fixes are included. Twitch integration enables streamers to let their viewers vote on various in-game events for more surprises.

Noita is ready exit early access with a full release date set for October 15, 2020. The game will be available on Humble StoreSteam, GOG, and with a current $19.99 USD price during the early access period. More information about Noita can be found on the game’s website at

Noita 1.0 Release Date Trailer | Nolla Games

Nolla Games (@NollaGames Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Helsinki, Finland. The studio was formed by Petri Purho, Olli Harjola and Arvi Teikari. Previous titles from the studio’s founders include Crayon Physics DeluxeThe Swapper, and Baba Is You.

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