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Blightbound Helping Hands Update

Game developer Ronimo Games and publisher Devolver Digital has released the Helping Hands Update for their early access multiplayer co-op dungeon crawler Blightbound. This update gives players an extra set of hands or two for those times when assembling a party might be difficult or one wishes to play alone.

The Helping Hands update for Blightbound is officially listed as 0.4 in the patch notes. This update comes on the heels of the Wolfpack Update which was released at the beginning of this September. Helping Hands is the third major update following the early access release of the dark fantasy adventure and like previous patches is loaded with new additions.

Bot support is now ready for action. Whether it is 3 am when finding players in any game is difficult to wanting some alone time players can now always play Blightbound. After being in queue for 30 seconds players will be given the option to keep waiting for players or jump right into a dungeon. When a party member disconnects a bot will show up to help finish the dungeon run. This feature only works as long as the host is still connected.

Seirinne, thief extraordinaire, is a new hero is waiting to be found and rescued further expanding the band of heroes for the RPG. Her new Shadow Statue ability focuses a devastating beam on her location that deals massive damage every second while stalling enemies. With the riches that await in The Blight, players can count on Seirinne to always be ready for action.

Three elite enemies, Gravesteel, Assailant Gijs, and Bloodmaster Krux can now be found while adventuring. Seven new items have been added along with their recipes: Kirkarik’s Reflection, Serpent’s Wrath, Zerrish’s Contortion, Aetheri Resolve, Talon of Thyst, Eye of Kriusz, Gravemark Headkey.

Now even more players can enjoy Blightbound with additional localizations bringing the total to nine outside of English. Currently French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are supported.

The next planned update is patch 0.5 titled Arcane Glamour. A new Underhold Dungeon, the hero Roland Stendhall, more items, more elites and hero stories are planned for the Arcane Glamour update. More future update details can be found on the game’s roadmap here.

Blightbound is available as an early access game on Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99 USD. A discounted Blightbound 3-Pack is available on Steam for friends looking to play together. For more information about Blightbound visit the game’s website at or join the Ronimo Games Discord.

Blightbound – Helping Hands Update | Devolver Digital

Ronimo Games (@RonimoGames Twitter) is a game developer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Founded in 2007 by seven enthusiastic game developers, the studio released their first commercial game Swords & Soldiers in May 2009. The studio went on to create several more 2D games for PC, mobile and console including Awesomenauts.

Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital Twitter) is an Austin, Texas based video game publisher and film distributor. The company specializes in publishing indie games. Founded in June 2009 by Mike Wilson, Harry Miller and Rick Stults, along with business partners Nigel Lowrie and Graeme Struthers the company immediately started work the high-definition remake of Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter. In 2013 Devolver Digital Films, a film distribution subsidiary was launched. Recent projects from Devolver Digital include Fall Guys and GRIS.

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