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Blightbound Dungeon Crawls onto Early Access

Ronimo Games and publisher Devolver Digital has unleashed their dark and stylish multiplayer dungeon crawler into early access on Steam. To celebrate the early access release of Blightbound there is a brand new trailer and a 10% discount is available on Steam.

Players are invited to explore the handcrafted dungeons where their hand-painted characters off against terrifyingly mystical and monstrously frightening enemies. Valuable loot is in these dungeons depths for brave heroes where players may encounter previously fallen heroes who can be recovered to expand one’s own roster. Every player fulfills a specific role on the team whether it be a warrior, assassin or mage as each skill set is needed to overcome the colossal bosses and challenging puzzles.

Both online and local multiplayer modes allow three players to test their skills by leaving the safety of their mountain refuge. The world is dangerous and filled with monsters of the Blight, a mysterious and corrupting fog.

The game is designed as an ever-expanding dungeon crawler with new dungeons to explore, new heroes to find, and new loot to use. Free updates are planned for the community. There are over 20 heroes to collect, each with their own unique skill set, passive abilities and fully narrated story.

Players can expand their refuge by recruiting new artisans that can craft more items. In addition they can offer bounties and further train the heroes. There are hundreds of unique items to loot and craft with each improving the heroes and altering their attacks and abilities.

Team play is rewarded through use of the distinct class roles and powerful ultimate abilities that charge up when one fulfills their role. For example when a warrior blocks damage, an assassin interrupts enemies, or a mage heals their allies.

Three distinct lands inhabit the world each with several dungeons to conquer. One such dungeon is the eerie and creepy Gravemark. Two more are the Underhold and dangerous Blood Ridge. The world is a visual mix of hand-painted characters and real-time 3D models with lighting effects that creates a perfect dark and stylish dungeon environment.

Blightbound is available as an early access game on Steam in individual and triple-pack versions. For more information about Blightbound visit the game’s website at

Blightbound – Steam Early Access Trailer | Devolver Digital

Ronimo Games (@RonimoGames Twitter) is a game developer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Founded in 2007 by seven enthusiastic game developers, the studio released their first commercial game Swords & Soldiers in May 2009. The studio went on to create several more 2D games for PC, mobile and console.

Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital Twitter) is an Austin, Texas based video game publisher and film distributor. The company specializes in publishing indie games. Founded in June 2009 by Mike Wilson, Harry Miller and Rick Stults, along with business partners Nigel Lowrie and Graeme Struthers the company immediately started work the high-definition remake of Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter. In 2013 Devolver Digital Films, a film distribution subsidiary was launched.