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Darksburg Co-Op Roguelite Fully Launches on Steam

Shiro Games has released their co-op roguelite Darksburg on Steam with loads of top-down zombie action against the unending hordes. As one of five fearless survivors characters, players must do what they can to stop decaying enemies rampaging through their medieval town.

After being in early access since February of this year, about eight months, Darksburg has evolved into the 1.0 release. With aid of the community such as the December 2019 that saw thousands of participants, the game experienced many changes and additions such as the Outbreak mode that focus on two player action instead of four player action in the initial game.

Darksburg has evolved into something truly special during its time in Early Access. We’d like to thank our dedicated community for helping us build this experience and are excited to welcome new faces into the fold as well. We look forward to joining you on the battlefield and surviving the zombie invasion!

Adrien Briatta, Head of Marketing and Publishing, Shiro Games

Every defeated enemy helps the player to grow stronger. When a survivor levels up a pool of randomized perks is unlocked. Players can synergize their skills and gain passive abilities. Loot drops can increase a players power and odds of survival against the town’s invaders.

Each trip through Darksburg will be different with reactive difficulty scaling. From the choices in survivor selection to the actions of other teammates in co-op action whether they are real players or AI partners each journey will take the team through procedurally-generated stages full of danger. Simple shambling foes pose minimal threat, however the powerful super-charged infected called Revenants bring a super-charged threat.

Various character skins can be collected. Players are encouraged to experiment with character builds and unlock curious to obtain persistent bonuses. By creating the ultimate survivor players can tackle challenging ascension modes, master their combat and become the hero who survives.

Darksburg is available on PC through Steam for $19.99 USD. A special promotion runs until October 4, 2020 that discounts the game by 50%. For more information about Darksburg visit the game’s website at, follow @Darksburg on Twitter or join the official Darksburg Discord.

Darksburg – Official Release | Shiro Games

Shiro Games (@shirogames Twitter) is an independent studio based in Bordeaux, France. Founded in 2012 by video game industry veterans Sebastien Vidal and Nicolas Cannasse, the aim of Shiro Games is to bring new innovative titles to life. The studio’s first title, Evoland, was released in 2013 with its sequel Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder in 2015. Northgard, a Viking strategy game, was launched in 2018 and Darksburg is the studio’s current project.