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Darksburg Early Access Date for Co-op Action

Shiro Games is delivering an over-the-top co-op medieval zombie action in Darksburg with a mid-February early access release date. The top-down game entered closed beta back in December 2019 that, by the conclusion of the beta, saw thousands of players take on the zombie hordes threatening the town of Darksburg.

Up to four players team up in co-op action in an effort to rid the town of Darksburg of hungry undead zombies. The town is completely overrun and it is up to the players to survive using a cast of various colorful characters each with special powers and abilities. Included in the cast is Varag, an escaped werewolf and Sister Abigail who is viciously compassionate. Combining quick reflexes and the expert use of the survivors’ skills are necessary to complete the objective-based map.

While the zombies in Darksburg may seem typical at first they are not what players may have seen in past games with zombies. In Darksburg, powerful zombies called Revenants, not only match the survivors in their destructive attacks, but are controlled by AI or by other players in versus mode. From ambush tactics to brute force they will make an effort to stop the heroic group on their quest for safety.

At early access launch there are four playable survivors and four playable zombie Revenants. There are five maps covering all the parts of the once peaceful town that are divided across three distinct environments: the Harbor, the Marketplace, and the Faubourg district. Each objective will require fast work and effective use of abilities to survive. Those looking for even more challenge can do so in the grueling Last Stand mode.

Darksburg is set to enter Steam early access on February 12, 2020. Players can wishlist the game now on its Steam page. For more information about Darksburg visit the game’s website at, follow @Darksburg on Twitter or join the official Darksburg Discord.

Darksburg – Early Access Launch Trailer | Shiro Games

Shiro Games (@shirogames Twitter) is an independent studio based in Bordeaux, France. Founded in 2012 by video game industry veterans Sebastien Vidal and Nicolas Cannasse, Shiro Games aim to bring new innovative titles to life. The studio’s first title, Evoland, released in 2013 with its sequel Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder in 2015. Northgard, their Viking strategy game, launched in 2018 and now Darksburg is their current project.