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Unto the End Cinematic Platformer Coming to Stadia

California based indie developer 2 Ton Studios and indie publisher Big Sugar is now bringing their cinematic platformer Unto the End to Stadia. Later this year the hand-crafted adventure will be arriving on the gaming service through Stadia Makers, a program that helps bring Unity-based games to the Stadia platform.

The husband and wife team behind the game are working hard to launch Unto the End on PC and consoles including a day one Game Pass title on the Xbox One. Currently the game is planned for a winter 2020 release. In addition the Stadia addition brings an extra appeal to the developer as it gets the game in the hands of a lot of players.

Two things. Reach and immersion. Sara and I make games that break conventions and challenge expectations. Stadia’s great for us because it lets lots of players give Unto The End a try and see if it’s for them. It’s a friction-free, click-a-button, start-playing experience. Likewise, Unto has no loading screen, no main menu, you start the game, it loads and you’re playing. Just like Stadia.

Stephen Danton, Developer, 2 Ton Studios

Players unfamiliar with the title can currently play a demo of Unto the End on Steam. The demo has seen a few updates and has been a part of the Digital Dragons Indie Celebration showcase last May and the Steam Game Festival last June.

Key features of the game include a read-react combat system that focuses on skill and mastery. The in-house custom system was designed specifically for 2D. Players will need to fight intelligently and strike tactically with their weapons in battles against solo or group enemies.

On the desperate journey home for the game’s main character players will encounter handcrafted encounters. Each of these moments features intelligent and worth opponents who have their own motivations and desires.

There is little handholding in the game. Players are challenged from the start with all abilities available. Mastery of these skills and careful observation of the surrounding environment are critical for survival and success as the terrain is often unforgiving. From harsh mountain peaks to dark underground caverns danger will be ever-present.

Unto The End will be available when it launches later this year on Steam for PC, Stadia and consoles that includes a day one Game Pass title on Xbox One. More information about the Unto The End can be found game’s developer page here or by following @UntoGame on Twitter.

Unto The End Stadia Announce Trailer | Big Sugar

2 Ton Studios (@2TonStudios Twitter) is an independent studio based in Northern California. The studio is ran by a husband and wife team, Stephen Danton and Sara Kitamura, that strives to create original titles with a core emphasis on gameplay. Unto The End is the studio’s first game developed in partnership with a publisher.

Big Sugar (@BigSugarGames Twitter) is a new publisher that goes by the creed of doing what they want and what they want is to work with talented indie developers and publish their unique, fun, entertaining, compelling, memorable and high-quality games.