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Unto The End Updates Demo for Steam Game Festival

The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition is underway and 2 Ton Studios along with publisher Big Sugar have brought back an updated demo of Unto The End. In this updated demo for the cinematic platformer several fixes, refinements, and adjustments have been applied since the demo was previously seen at the Digital Dragons showcase last May.

Included in the Steam festival are developer spotlights that introduces 2 Ton Studio’s husband and wife team, Stephen Danton and Sara Kitamura in an interview linked below. Memories of their real-life travels that helped to shape the game are shared. Also, Punch-Out!! is discussed as a major influence in the game’s 2D combat system design.

Of the newest changes in the demo, the roll mechanic refinement is the more prominent. Rolling into opponents now causes knockback. Enemies are aggressively intolerant of roll spammers, however there is now more of a grace period for rolling around jump attacks. But players be warned, rolling into objects such as walls will now inflict damage.

Other changes include a larger torch radius and various tweaks to lighting and foreground. A lever was added to the lift. The AI saw some tuning adjustments and some items have had their descriptions updated. A full list of changes is available here.

Unto The End will be available on Steam when it launches later this year for PC and consoles that includes a day one Game Pass title on Xbox One. The Unto The End demo will be available for free to play on Steam for the duration of the Steam Game Festival event that ends on Monday, June 22 at 10 AM PDT. More information about the Unto The End can be found game’s developer page here or by following @UntoGame on Twitter.

Developer Spotlight: Unto The End | Valve
Unto The End EGX Trailer | Big Sugar

2 Ton Studios (@2TonStudios Twitter) is an independent studio based in Northern California. The studio is ran by a husband and wife team, Stephen Danton and Sara Kitamura, that strives to create original titles with a core emphasis on gameplay. Unto The End is the studio’s first game developed in partnership with a publisher.

Big Sugar (@BigSugarGames Twitter) is a new publisher that goes by the creed of doing what they want and what they want is to work with talented indie developers and publish their unique, fun, entertaining, compelling, memorable and high-quality games.