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What Happened Psychological Thriller Out on PC

A brand new psychological thriller into the mind of a tormented teenager in What Happened is out now on PC. The high-school horror was made by indie developer Genius Slackers and published by Katnappe and Sourena Games.

Exploring mature themes, players are taken on a drug-fueled psychological roller coaster inside the troubled mind of high school student Stiles. He is a student haunted by both real and imagined demons. The outcome of this journey will ultimately depend upon the player’s empathy for Stiles’ and his pain. In the end will players be able to steer him away from self-destruction?

Making this game was a journey for us, and we want players to experience a similar one when they play the game. We had an impossible task in front of us but we pushed through. Our struggles, hardships and anxieties are reflected in every corner of Stiles’ world. More than anything else, we made this game with our emotions. We poured ourselves into its corridors and the result turned out exactly how we wanted. We made it through this journey and got the happy ending. We hope our players will too.

Hassan Mehdiasl, Producer on What Happened, Katnappe

The setting of the game takes place in a not so typical American high school. Familiar school corridors have been transformed into twisted dreamscape versions. From predatory beasts to hungry demons can be found in the rampant vegetation that permeates Stiles’ LSD-fueled fears. In the mind nothing is as it seems.

Using the Unreal Engine 4, the indie team at Genius Slackers spent three years crafting and developing the game’s subject matter with great care. Leading up to the PC end of July release date, a brief series of Game Dev Diary entries have been posted on the What Happened YouTube channel. Console releases are currently planned for a later release date.

What Happened is available on PC through Steam and Humble Bundle for $24.99 USD. A launch special runs on Steam until August 6 and on Humble Bundle until August 13 that discounts the game down to $22.49 USD. For more information check out the game’s website at or follow @WhatHappenedVG on Twitter.

What Happened Game: Launch Trailer | Genius Slackers, Katnappe, Sourena Games

Genius Slackers (@geniusslackers Twitter) is an indie game developer. The studio has been working on What Happened since 2017.

Katnappe (@KatnappeGames Twitter) is a Warsaw, Poland based indie game publisher. The company is focused on bringing unique games with powerful stories to the worldwide marketplace. Katnappe is the publishing arm of Sourena Games.

Sourena Games (@SourenaGames Twitter) is a Singapore based studio that was established in 2008. The studio has released games such as Legends of Persia with their own custom engine. Other titles form the studio include Zula and Unsight.

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