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What Happened Psychological Horror Release Date

Indie developer Genius Slackers along with publishers Katnappe and Sourena Games have announced a release date for their upcoming first-person psychological horror title, What Happened. With the July release date announcement comes a Developer Diary entry that focuses on the story.

In What Happened, players work against dark forces to save highschool student Stiles from self-destruction. Travel in the mental realm is unforgiving and filled with twisted memories that resides in Stiles mind. Various demons fill his troubled mind. Only the players ability to read between the lines and their empathy can they navigate the drug-fueled hallucinations.

As puzzles are solved and Stiles demons kept at bay, the game will respond with the empathy that players show him. By manipulating the strings of fate, players lead in an effort to pull Stiles towards the light or rather hope at the end of the tunnel.

To celebrate the release date announcement, the developers at Genius Slackers have release their first developer diary video. In the video, game director Arash Negahban discusses the inspirations for the story of What Happened. Additionally he talks about what the team had set out to achieve in the game.

The game was developed using the Unreal Engine 4 to create a sensory treat of constantly morphing environments and mind-bending encounters. All of this helps to execute the team’s desire to tell their story about suffering and hope in a unique and unforgettable way.

What Happened is scheduled for a Steam PC release date on July 30, 2020. Console releases will follow at a later date. For more information check out the game’s website at or follow @WhatHappenedVG on Twitter.

What Happened Game: Dev Diary Story | Genius Slackers, Katnappe

Genius Slackers (@geniusslackers Twitter) is an indie game developer. The studio has been working on What Happened since 2017.

Katnappe (@KatnappeGames Twitter) is a Warsaw, Poland based indie game publisher. The company is focused on bringing unique games with powerful stories to the worldwide marketplace. Katnappe is the publishing arm of Sourena Games.

Sourena Games (@SourenaGames Twitter) is a Singapore based studio that was established in 2008. The studio has released games such as Legends of Persia with their own custom engine. Other titles form the studio include Zula and Unsight.