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Sentimental K Offers 3D Action at Discount on Steam

Korean indie game developer Fordays has unleashed several updates and now a 30% discount for Sentimental K on Steam. The early access top-down 3D roguelike game with hack and slash permadeath action is team’s first title.

We would like to offer the opportunity to meet Sentimental K at a reasonable price this summer. We are convinced that, by integrating stylish 3D action, Sentimental K will provide an entertaining experience to players who love Rogue-like genre.

Lee Dongmin, Game Director, Fordays

The developer has been very busy since the June early access launch of Sentimental K. There have been 12 small updates and two regular updates. Included in these larger updates is full game controller support, UI updates, five new events, the “Terror” boss monster and a brand new character appearance. In addition along with the smaller updates have been many bug fixes, balancing improvements, and the inclusion of more localizations such as Japanese and Portuguese.

As the game continues in early access feedback from community websites and the developer’s Discord continues to help improve the game. User requests for controller support and its quick addition is an example of Fordays active effort to take in feedback and provide a pleasant gaming experience.

A series of DevLog posts that discusses various elements of the games design and the development process are available on the TIGSource forums. These forums are an independent gaming source and community for indie game developers. The latest DevLog #7 discusses the new character and Physical Based Rendering.

Sentimental K is available as an early access game on Steam. The regular price is set at $24.99 USD, however a 30% discount runs from now until August 6, 2020 that prices the game at $17.49 USD. Players are encouraged to join the Sentimental K Discord to provide feedback on their experience.

Sentimental K Gameplay Trailer | Fordays

Fordays is a Korean indie game development company. The developer consists of technical and strategic team members who have years of experience in developing 3D action games.