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Sentimental K Brings 3D Roguelike Action to Early Access

Korean indie game developer Fordays has unleashed a flurry of 3D roguelike action on Steam with the early access release of Sentimental K. The top-down 3D title is team’s first release.

Smashing intuitive hack and slash action with the roguelike genre, Sentimental K creates a fresh gameplay experience with every attempt at a challenge. Players can combine five types of weapons, eighty skills, and a hundred artifacts to create their own methodology in battle while being totally stylish in their actions.

As one plays the game additional weapons, skills, and artifacts are unlocked for an even wider range of different and unique combinations. Being a roguelike, it goes with the territory that every gameplay experience is different based on the choices made and death is always a means to a new beginning.

There are three acts which contains a total of sixty-nine unique stages. The world is presented in a 3D visual experience that contains more challenging and entertaining elements. Around every twist and turn in the world one may encounter any of the fifty distinct events, twenty disciplines, and seventy achievements.

We are launching the game as the Early Access to further develop 3D action and Rogue-like elements which are the core part of Sentimental K. We are convinced that, by integrating stylish 3D action, Sentimental K will provide an entertaining experience to players who love Rogue-like genre.

Lee Dongmin, Game Director, Fordays

Currently the early access hack and slash action contains most of the game’s core features that will be available at full release. The game is currently available in English and Korean. More languages are planed which are to include Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese and Chinese localizations.

During the early access development phase, Fordays plans to take in various feedback from community websites and their Discord to improve the game. Already the development team has planned out a steady stream of updates until the official release of the game in late 2020. A series of DevLog posts discussing various elements of the games design and development process are available on the TIGSource forums, an independent gaming source and community for indie game developers.

Sentimental K is available today on Steam as an early access release game. The regular price is set at $24.99 USD, however players can pick up a 30% discount until June 11, 2020.

Sentimental K Gameplay Trailer | Fordays

Fordays is a Korean indie game development company. The developer consists of technical and strategic team members who have years of experience in developing 3D action games.