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Synergia Visual Novel Holds True to Cyberpunk Style

Indie developer Radi Art and niche publisher Top Hat Studios holds true to the cyberpunk style with their yuri thriller visual novel Synergia. In full neon aesthetics, this successful Kickstarter game project brings the game’s dystopian setting front and center.

Besides the vivid and beautiful art a deep and intriguing narrative story that may forever change the world. The story begins with Cila who is a veteran cop that has some anger issues and a not so bright outlook. Given the state of the world with blinding neon lights and lingering steam from the sewers life doesn’t look so peachy.

Things quickly change, however, after a shady friend replace’s Cila’s broken housedroid with an advanced unit, called M.A.R.A., that is cutting edge technology. This new unit is highly perceptive and starts to break down Cila’s hardened outer shell and starts to mend some of her longstanding internal wounds.

A unique relationship is forged between the two when the technological behemoth Velta Labs hears about Mara and what this android can do. With war on the horizon and the players getting into position this one android’s fate can possibly be the difference between war and peace, the formation of a new religion or just a mere technological singularity beyond comprehension.

When the Kickstarter campaign for Synergia wrapped in August 2019, the project had received nearly 400% of its initial goal. This brought $15,491 in funding to aid the development process. The massive success in funding also brought proof the genre still has a strong player base.

The game features over 20 characters with interesting backgrounds and personalities that are deeply intertwined into the narrative. There are nearly 100 combined unique backgrounds and CGs in the estimated 6 to 9 hour long gameplay in the neon dystopian world. Multiple endings exist as choices will deeply affect the protagonist’s journey and the world around them.

In addition to the stunningly beautiful visuals and deep narrative, a delightfully vivid soundtrack is threaded throughout. Composed by Andy Andi Han, one of the composers of Katawa Shoujo and Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, the soundtrack compliments the immersive cyberpunk feel of the game’s story.

Synergia is available on PC through Steam and for $11.99 USD. The Synergia Soundtrack is available for $7.99 USD. A 10% launch discount runs through August 3, 2020 on Steam. Other major platform including the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are planned for later this year. More information about Synergia can be found on the game’s website at

Synergia Official Trailer | Top Hat Studios

Top Hat Studios (@TopHatStudiosEN Twitter) is a niche New York based developer and boutique publisher. Titles include An Adventurer’s Tale, Big Dipper, Girls & Dungeons, The Wilting Amaranth, The Tail Makes The Fox, and others, including the recently Kickstarter successes Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story and Rainbow Dreams.

Radi Art is a three member team. Francisco Perez Molina (Radi) is the creator and director of Synergia who also worked as illustrator, character designer, and writer. Andy Andi Han (AoiichiNiiSan) is the composer for Synergia and has worked on Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, Arenus, and Katawa Shoujo. Joe B. (Bonesy) is the PR and marketing person who also handles the website and programming help.