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Synergia Cyberpunk Visual Novel Demo

Developer Radi Art and publisher Top Hat Studios together have released a demo for the cyberpunk visual novel Synergia that’s full of action and thrills.

Synergia explores the sexuality, philosophy, and the meaning of being human. The visual novel follows traditional style, but also features short interactive segments along with theatrical animations for the cyberpunk action thriller. Departing from traditional anime aesthetics, Synergia opted to blend anime-inspired visual styles with western influences and meticulous attention to details.

In the demo players will meet Cila who is a veteran cop full of anger issues and a sour outlook. Cila expects nothing more from life that the smell of ooze, blinding neon lights, and manhole steam of the city. That is until a shady friend replaces Cila’s broken housedroid as a favor.

The new housedroid M.A.R.A. or Mara is advanced, efficient, and remarkably perceptive. Cila’s toughened exterior is chipped away by the Mara unit. It may possibly even heal her old wounds if Cila can figure out the recurring nightmare the whole process brings.

Eventually Cila and Mara form a unique and sometimes uneasy bond. This is when the technology giant Velta Labs learns of Mara’s existence and takes a heavy interest in the android. A war is on the horizon and its players are being drafted while the fate of one android may be the difference between peace, war, a new religion, or a incomprehensible technological singularity.

Unlike some visual novels, Synergia does not feature any adult content. The visual novel does deal with mature themes which may not be suitable for some audiences. In the demo players can expect between 30 and 60 minutes of content as they enjoy the introduction to the story, the characters, the world, and the overall art and atmosphere. The demo contains the first few chapters leading up to the first major event.

There are over 20 characters in Synergia each with interesting backgrounds and personalities that are deeply woven into the narrative. Multiple endings are available as choices deeply affect the protagonists journey and the world around them.

A vibrant art aesthetic covers the neon dystopian setting of Synergia. In addition, a vividly beautiful soundtrack compliments the aesthetic of the game.

Synergia is heading for a Kickstarter campaign on July 8, 2019. Players can wishlist the game on Steam now as well as play the visual novel demo which is available on Steam or Itch. The game will be priced at $11.99 USD with a launch planned later this year. More information on Synergia can be found on the game’s website at

Synergia Official Trailer | Radi Art and Top Hat Studios

Top Hat Studios (@TopHatStudiosEN Twitter) is a niche New York based developer and boutique publisher. Titles include An Adventurer’s Tale, Big Dipper, Girls & Dungeons, The Wilting Amaranth, The Tail Makes The Fox, and others, including the recently Kickstarter successes Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story and Rainbow Dreams.

Radi Art is a three member team. Francisco Perez Molina (Radi) is the creator and director of Synergia who also worked as illustrator, character designer, and writer. Andy Andi Han (AoiichiNiiSan) is the composer for Synergia and has worked on Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, Arenus, and Katawa Shoujo. Joe B. (Bonesy) is the PR and marketing person who also handles the website and programming help.