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The Outcast Lovers is Second Entry in The Sacrifices Series

Far Few Giants is back with The Outcast Lovers, the second short narrative visual novel experience in The Sacrifices Series. Late last May, The Night Fisherman released on to much acclaim that lead to the game also appearing on Steam with a 90% positive rating.

In the second entry of the twelve planned short narrative experiences continues to focus on stunning visuals and powerful thought provoking writing. The writing is inspired as a defiant political response to rising nationalism in the UK where the game’s developers live.

Players control a retired political cartoonist Ola in a film-like sequence. In addition players will be directing camera shots from the various cinematic angles that are available.

The story itself is about an outcast living a private life miles from others. Suddenly, the outcast finds an immigrant boy from the first game, The Night Fisherman. Now this outcast is in a position to help and ultimately is it the outcast’s responsibility to do so?

This series is an experiment in challenging the publishing model for indie narrative games. By developing and releasing very quickly, we’re able to react to a shifting landscape, to comment on what’s in the news, and not obfuscate our voices through a multi-year dev cycle.

de Fault, Developer, Far Few Giants

The Outcast Lovers is available for free on for Windows and macOS. A release on Steam is planned for July 29, 2020. Players can also pickup the first game in The Sacrifices Series, The Night Fisherman on Steam and as well. For more information about The Sacrifices Series visit the Far Few Giants page here.

The Outcast Lovers Mini Teaser | Far Few Giants

Far Few Giants (@farfewgiants Twitter) is a 2 person development team, Chard (@animtree Twitter) and de Fault (@antony_de_fault Twitter), who have been a part of the freelance indie scene for many years. Now they are telling their own stories with their own games. The Night Fisherman and The Outcast Lovers are a part of a 12-month episodic narrative journey that is the team’s biggest development project to date.

Update September 28, 2020: Added link to Far Few Giants website.