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The Night Fisherman Narrative is Free to Play

A narrative story experience following The Night Fisherman is available for free on from indie developer Far Few Giants. This short and powerful story takes place on the shores of the British coastline.

Players are the night fisherman who is out trying to catch some fish. A boat approaches as one is baiting their rod. Upon arrival, a man is seen on the deck who is calm, civilized, and packing a shotgun slung across his back. The question remains, what is going to happen next?

The two-person team plans to offer a total of twelve short narrative experiences over the next year. Each narrative is planned as a new episode each month and will be their own self-contained stories. All of these episodes will be free and available on the Far Few Giants storefront.

Players can also follow the progress of the future short narrative games on the Far Few Giants Twitter account and storefront.

The Night Fisherman is available to play for free on the Far Few Giants page for Windows PC and macOS. The next entry into the 12 episode narrative adventure is planned for the end of June.

The Night Fisherman Teaser | Far Few Giants

Far Few Giants (@farfewgiants Twitter) is a 2 person development team who have been a part of the freelance indie scene for many years. Now they are telling their own stories with their own games. The Night Fisherman is a part of a 12-month episodic narrative journey that is the team’s biggest development project to date.

Update September 28, 2020: Added link to Far Few Giants website.