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Oxygen Not Included DLC Update

Last February Klei Entertainment, the developer behind the smash hit Oxygen Not Included announced their team was working on a new DLC update. With the DLC update news comes teases for three new major features.

Two of these new features are deeply connected. Space gameplay has been completely changed and reimagined. Players in the DLC will be able to have multiple colonies on multiple asteroids that are simultaneously running. This means that space destinations are now actual playable locations that can be landed on and colonized.

Rockets have seen changes to make them easier to launch, more interesting to control and provide critical infrastructure between the different settlements. With these changes players can create mining outposts and thriving hubs of industry that help create a sustainable civilizations across space.

Radiation will be a thing. A new radiation simulation and overlay along with conduit-like infrastructure allows it to be harnessed for science and industry. In addition a new starting biome and multiple new biomes throughout the asteroid cluster with their own unique critters, plants, and resources will be coming. With these new areas, new buildings, traits and other content will be added.

Players who are concerned about the base game can put their worry to rest as Klei plans to release a large update. In DLC base game patch there will be bug fixes, UI improvements, balance and tuning improvements, and overall performance enhancements. The team is continuing to place keeping performance steady as a high priority with any of these new additions.

Right now the plan is to get the DLC into player’s hands sometime this year. Currently it is July and December is only 5 months away, so the wait for the DLC shouldn’t be too long. All of the details of the DLC can be read here on the Oxygen Not Included community forums.

Oxygen Not Included is currently available on Steam for $24.99 USD on PC, Mac OS, and Linux. A special promotion during the Steam Road Trip Special runs until July 9 that temporarily reduces the game by 40% to a price of $14.99 USD. For more information about Oxygen Not Included visit the game’s page here.

Oxygen Not Included Launch Trailer | Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment (@klei Twitter) is an independent studio based in Vancouver, Canada. The studio has previously released hit tittles such as Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja, and Invisible, Inc.