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Last Oasis Adds Volcanic Content Update

Indie developer Donkey Crew has taken their nomadic MMO, Last Oasis, to the next level in the volcanic content update. Along with this burning hot new content players who are looking to jump into the action can pick up the game at a discount during the Steam Summer Sale.

The latest update for the early access game introduces a new volcanic map to the world of Last Oasis. This map includes all the fiery things one would expect such as lava-filled plains. plus there is a new species of flying creatures, ominously known as Killin, that nomads can hop on and ride across the burning earth.

Going along with the keep on moving theme of the game, the new Domus Walker has been introduced. This bunker on legs is for the nomad on the go that likes strong home defenses. The Domus Walker is protected by strong doors, walls all around, and legs to keep it on the move when things get too hot.

Nomads can rejoice as their is also a furniture pack to add chairs, tables, and all the other home comforts to their Domus Walker. From furnishing the deck to the base itself one can add their personal touch to their post apocalyptic home on the move. Other furnishings include lamps, fire goblets, carpets and more.

Aside from a new map, a new beast, and a base on legs there are new weapons. Made primarily of obsidian, new volcanic weapons can be made. They are incredibly sharp and sturdy with only their strength losing to iron based weapons. One advantage of these new obsidian volcanic weapons is that they are easier to produce in high quantities.

To accompany the update a brand new trailer for Last Oasis has been released and is viewable below. In the trailer some of the new volcanic areas shown along with some actual gameplay of soaring through the air, catching a ride on a Killin, a Domus Walker moving about and of course some stuff on fire. A complete list of patch changes in the Volcanic Update is available here.

Last Oasis is now available in early access on Steam at a price of $29.99 USD. The Steam Summer Sale lasts until July 9, 2020, and discounts the game down to $23.99 USD. In addition to the game, the Last Oasis Soundtrack is available as a separate DLC for $7.99 USD. For more information follow @OasisNomad on Twitter or join the Last Oasis Discord.

Last Oasis – Volcanic Update | Donkey Crew

Donkey Crew is a recently established game development studio based in the city of Wroclaw, Poland. The first team members came from a group of die-hard modders of the Mount and Blade community. Currently the studio is focused on developing Last Oasis and expanding the team.