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Last Oasis on the Move with Early Access

The developers at Donkey Crew have migrated their nomadic MMO, Last Oasis, into early access on Steam. With the early access launch and the current COVID-19 crisis, Donkey Crew are encouraging gamers to stay home in some very colorful language and grab the game at a discounted price.

Set on Earth, the story places players thousands of years in the future after a cataclysmic event destroyed the moon and halted the rotation of Earth. Now survival is everything with two harsh environments, desert and ice, that straddle a narrow habitable strip of land. However there is a problem and this narrow band slowly moves as the planet rotates around the sun.

In order to survive, humanity’s last civilization must keep moving on the large woodpunk-like walking city, Flotilla. The city is a driven by wind-powered machines and mobile bases that are adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, and combat. No matter what the city must be kept moving or civilization will be forever lost.

Nomads, who are often unwilling, are sent into the passing oases to gather resources necessary for the city’s operations. These dangerous missions more often than not leave few survivors as warring clans fight for the scraps of the world. Players will quickly learn to keep moving as the world in the west is burning and dying and to the east lies frozen hope.

We are thrilled to be launching Last Oasis into Steam Early Access today. Despite facing uncertain times, our beta testers have been as invaluable these past few weeks as they have been throughout our entire closed beta phase, helping us improve and shape the game. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them and also encourage the same level of openness and involvement from new players, who we look forward to welcoming into our growing community.

Florian “chadz” Hofreither, Creative Director and Project Lead at Donkey Crew

Last Oasis is now available in early access on Steam at a price of $29.99 USD. A special promotion runs until April 2, 2020 discounting the title down to $24.89 USD. For more information follow @OasisNomad on Twitter or join the Last Oasis Discord.

Last Oasis Early Access Launch Trailer | Donkey Crew

Donkey Crew is a recently established game development studio based in the city of Wroclaw, Poland. The first team members came from a group of die-hard modders of the Mount and Blade community. Currently the studio is focused on developing Last Oasis and expanding the team.