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Quantum League Aims for May Early Access Date

Nimble Giant Entertainment’s time-paradox multiplayer shooter, Quantum League, is shooting for an early access release date in late May. Quantum League is an original IP from the independent developer and is their first major release since its rebranding and launch of Master of Orion.

The game features an innovative time-paradox where players battle within a time loop. Each round of the online FPS, players can team up with their past and future selves in 1v1 and 2v2 matches. All of the arena battles take place in an alternate universe where time travel has completely rewritten professional sports entertainment.

With Quantum League, we’re aiming to bring real innovation in the online shooter genre. The Beta has given us some great community feedback and now we’re ready for the game to enter Early Access.

Balthazar Auger, Lead Game Designer, Nimble Giant Entertainment

Last February, Quantum League held an open beta where players provided critical community feedback that helped propel the game towards early access. When the game launches players will have to learn that agility, speed and strategic time-clone teamwork are all key components to success in the frenetically dynamic arena.

Delivering on such a unique concept as a Multiplayer FPS with real time travel Mechanics was a huge undertaking for our studio and we could not be more proud of what our team has achieved. What started as an experimental project is now a solid multiplayer shooter, offering great amounts of player expression and strategic depth. Early access is just a new beginning, we can’t wait to continue discovering the amazing possibilities behind these mechanics alongside our players.

Andrés Chilkowski, Chief Creative Officer, Nimble Giant Entertainment

Quantum League is coming to early access on May 26, 2020 on Steam for PC. When the game’s launches into early access there will be a 15% discount during the first week. For more information about Quantum League visit the game’s website at or follow @QuantumLeague on Twitter.

Quantum League Gameplay Ad | Nimble Giant Entertainment

Nimble Giant Entertainment (@NimbleGiantEnt Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2002, the company is one of the leading game development studios in Latin America. The studio’s first release was Champions of Regnum and was the first commercial MMORPG made in the region.