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Yes, Your Grace Ushered onto Steam

Brave at Night along with publisher No More Robots has ushered their Slavic folklore inspired medieval title Yes, Your Grace onto Steam. The previously announced game is a tale about kingdom management.

All hail the king! Or in this case the player who takes the crown to manage the fantasy kingdom, the royals who live in the castle, and the villagers who populate the lands. In this narrative-driven medieval RPG, various petitioners will take turns presenting themselves to the crown where they ask for aid on all sorts of issues such as help against monsters attacking the village or the lack of recreational locations.

Players will need to listen to the various determined petitioners who come from all levels of society. After hearing their case, the player must decide if they need support from the throne or not. Even the royals will have their own problems and as king, players will determine everyone’s fate.

In case the burden of the crown becomes too much, generals, hunters, and witches can be hired to help aid and run the kingdom. Other lords and kings also live in this world so players are best advised to use alliances to help defend against the whims of these fellow members of nobility.

Yes, Your Grace is now available on Steam at a regular price of $19.99 USD. Available for Windows PC, the game is running a special launch promotion until March 13, 2020 that discounts the Yes, Your Grace down to $17.99 USD. The Yes, Your Grace Soundtrack, regularly priced $9.99 USD, is also available on Steam and is on sale until March 13 for $8.99 USD.

Console platform releases for Yes, Your Grace are coming later in 2020. For more information about Yes, Your Grace visit the developer’s website at

Yes, Your Grace Launch Trailer | No More Robots

Brave at Night (@BraveAtNight Twitter) is a small indie game development studio based in the United Kingdom. The studio is ran by Rafal Bryks who is a writer, programmer, artist, and designer. Currently the studio employs five hardworking team members.

No More Robots (@nomorerobotshq Twitter) is a video game publisher that is the brainchild of industry veteran Mike Rose. The United Kingdom based company is a data-driven publishing label that utilizes wide-ranging video game sales figures and statistics to pin down what makes a game sell.