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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update #3

3DIVISION released Update #3, the third in a series of major content updates for its soviet-themed city sim and builder, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic.

Content Update #3 biggest feature is the introduction of the cableway as a new transportation type. Industrial areas can now take advantage of forklifts to connect factories. Further transport network optimizations are now possible with one way roads and new terminals to increase vehicle throughput.

With the cableways, players can establish mines in previously inaccessible terrain. This update now allows players to collect the resources they need, such as steel or mechanical components, to build a production line to produce trains, wagons, and cableway cars for local use or foreign export.

A tutorial system that is included in Update #3 lets players learn basic and advanced game mechanics. All of this falls on the heels of Content Updates #1 and #2 that added several new transportation types and various other game and performance improvements.

The game launched into early access in March 2019 and allows players to build their dream soviet-themed city in an imaginary communist country located in Eastern Europe. Players are also tasked with the management of all aspects of a planned economy by creating complex industrial areas, building infrastructure, designing living areas, and telling citizens what to do.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic along with Content Update #3 is currently available as an early access title on Steam for $24.99 USD. In addition the game’s soundtrack is also available on Steam at a regular price of $2.99 USD. The latest information about Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic can be found on its website at

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Update #3

3DIVISION (@3DIVISIONgames Twitter) is an independent game development company located in Kosice, Slovakia. The small company of freelance developers primarily focuses on PC and console games with over 10 years of experience. Past titles include Air Missions: HIND, Foosball: World Tour, and the Air Conflicts saga.