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It Is Nice When it Snows Demo

Spanish developer Concano Games released a demo for their 2D puzzle platformer, It Is Nice When It Snows, that involves a magical broken snowman.

The demo was released so that players from around the world can try out It Is Nice When It Snows, while also helping Concano Games complete their funding. At the time of this article there is less than a week left for potential backers to help fund the project.

Players looking to jump right into the demo can visit the It Is Nice When It Snows Kickstarter campaign page, linked at the bottom of the article. Note that the demo version is currently for Windows only. Like any work still in development, the demo doesn’t represent the final quality of the product.

In the game players become a torn apart snowman as he tries to recover his body across different levels. The world itself has been devastated by climate change and is full of dangers. All of the game’s mechanics are based on what a snowball can do. The demo lets player discover what they are. In addition on the Cancano Games YouTube channel there are some videos that showoff some gameplay mechanics specifically size control and ball division for the player.

The Kickstarter for It Is Nice When It Snows first begun on January 2 where several key features of the game were announced. There will be five different hand-drawn zones with over 25 levels. A narrative and emotive story follows the player as they learn abilities, gather collectibles, and find secrets about the world around them.

Initially the game will be released on PC. With backer support, the studio hopes to release Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Mac, and Linux versions along with 4K releases.

It Is Nice When It Snows Kickstarter runs until 11 AM PST on Monday, February 3, 2020. Concano is seeking €25,000 or roughly $28,000 USD in funding for the project. Several pieces of game art are displayed along with screenshots of the game are available on the campaign’s page. Project backers, depending upon the level, can receive a digital copy of the game, physical artbook, name in the credits, digital download of the OST, or even the backer drawn frozen somewhere in the game. To support this project or to learn more about It Is Nice When It Snows visit the campaign’s Kickstarter page.

It Is Nice When It Snows Kickstarter Launch Trailer | Concano Games

Concano Games S.L. (@ConcanoGames Twitter) is a small indie video game studio based in Santander, Spain. The team is composed of a multidisciplinary group with a wide range of experience in graphic arts and programming. During the past five years, the studio worked for third parties on projects that included games, apps, and AR/VR. Now the studio is branching out and working on their own projects.