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It Is Nice When It Snows Platformer Kickstarter

Concano Games have launched the Kickstarter campaign for their newest project It Is Nice When It Snows, a 2D adventure puzzle platformer.

In this 2D platformer, the world is strongly influenced by magic when the charm of ancient times has gave way to industrialization and a snowman who was ripped apart by a mysterious magical storm. There are five hand-drawn worlds where players take control of one of the remaining pieces of a broken snowman. Through their journey in these worlds, players will discover the source of the evil that has split the snowman apart and causing other worldly issues.

The five zones feature different environments that includes forests, mountains, cities, and permafrost lands. Once peaceful sanctuaries of life where animals once called home, have become dark and scary. Humans have dug tunnels in the mountains creating a vast network of mines where the cities have colorful walls and high roofs that are choked with poisonous fumes from polluting factories. Even in the land of the bitter cold permafrost, the snowman will face a hard challenge as blizzards, ice, and hostile animals are a threat.

Features of the game include five different zones with over 25 levels. There are abilities to learn, collectibles to gather, and secrets to find. The game contains a narrative and emotive story with a social message set to an original soundtrack. The game is planned for an initial release on PC with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One being the second and third stretch funding goals. With backer support, the studio aims to release the game on other platforms such as PS4, iOS, Mac, Linux along with 4K versions of them.

A playable demo was showcased at Madrid Games Week and had a great reception from the audience at FIMP, the most important video game fair in northern Spain.

The Kickstarter campaign for It Is Nice When It Snows runs until 11 AM PST, February 3, 2020. The campaign is seeking €25,000 or roughly $28,000 USD in funding. On the campaign page several pieces of game art are displayed along with several screenshots of the game. Backers of the project, depending upon the level, can receive a digital copy of the game, physical artbook, name in the credits, digital download of the OST, or even the backer drawn frozen somewhere in the game. To support this project or to learn more about It Is Nice When It Snows visit the campaign’s Kickstarter page.

It Is Nice When It Snows Kickstarter Launch Trailer | Concano Games

Concano Games S.L. (@ConcanoGames Twitter) is a small indie video game studio based in Santander, Spain. The team is composed of a multidisciplinary group with a wide range of experience in graphic arts and programming. During the past five years, the studio worked for third parties on projects that included games, apps, and AR/VR. Now the studio is branching out and working on their own projects.