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Demon Pit Invades Consoles Late December

Hellspawn are about to run loose on consoles this December when the arena shooter Demon Pit unleashes itself on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

As a clear homage and throwback to 1990s era FPS classics, Demon Pit brings low-poly art back to the arena shooter scene. Like that of Quake, Quake II, Doom, and Blood, this game features non-stop wave after wave action of demon blasting.

There are seven different ranged weapons that are useful in blasting the 10 different types of hellspawn. A soul grapple helps players transverse the ever changing arena with hazards. Only through fast movement and great aim will a player keep their multiplier up for that ultra high-score through the endless waves. At the end, just maybe, one might find redemption on the leaderboards.

Creating Demon Pit has been an exercise in balancing speed, challenge, purity and chaos. I want players to fight forward, experiencing its unrelenting pace as they progress through waves of enemies and grasp for their place on the leaderboard.

Paul Conway of DoomCube, Artist & Designer on Demon Pit

The game is a collaboration between developers DoomCube and Psychic Software. In addition they brought in talented composer Thomas O’Boyle for the music composition work. Previously a Demon Pit demo was available on Steam.

Demon Pit launched on Steam for PC this past October. The PS4 release arrives on December 17 in North America and December 18 in the EU. Xbox One release is set for December 24 and Nintendo Switch on December 25. All the latest information about the Demon Pit can be found on the game’s website at or @DemonPitGame on Twitter.

Demon Pit – Announce Trailer – Steam, PS4, Xbox One & Switch | Digerati

DoomCube (@DoomCube Twitter) is an outsourcing service for video game graphics that primarily specializes in 2D graphics and animation. Based in Galway, Ireland, DoomCube is spearheaded by Paul Conway who is a nine year veteran of the industry.

Psychic Software (@psychicsoftware Twitter) is a game developer based out of Galway, Ireland. Founded in 1995 by Sam Redfern, the studio has been making award winning indie titles ever since. The studio’s recent title Orbs.It won the Best Technical Achievement award from the Imirt Irish Game Awards in 2017.

Digerati (@DigeratiDM Twitter) is a PC and console game publisher that helps independent developers put their games into the hands of gamers. The company takes care of funding, distribution, marketing, and production while allowing developers to focus on making incredible games and unique experiences.