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Demon Pit Arena Shooter Demo Available

Available for free is the Demon Pit demo, the recently announced arena shooter from indie publisher Digerati. The demo gives players a glimpse at the game’s first six waves of hellish minions and shot at the leaderboards.

The arena shooter is a collaboration between developers DoomCube and Psychic Software, In addition they sought the talent of composer Thomas O’Boyle for the music of Demon Pit.

Through combining retro-authentic low poly 3D graphics with extreme hardcore skill-based gameplay, Demon Pit presents itself as a throwback to classic FPS 1990’s titles. Fast and intense arcade-style arena shooter action awaits players.

Players enter the game as a demon hunter whose time for judgement has come. All those years spent purging demon-kind from the mortal world did little to cleanse the soul. With sins laid bare and now judged the demon hunter has been damned for eternity. Off to the pits.

A collection of seven different ranged weapons and a soul grapple are all a player has to fight. Players must fight and out maneuver endless waves of hell spawn inside of a constantly changing environment. Survival is everything or else the demons will rip the flesh and claim the demon hunter’s soul.

Key features include 10 different types of hell spawn. The soul grapple is used to traverse the arena quickly and avoid the endless legions of demons. Multipliers for constant killing and leaderboards let all see who is the best and who to beat.

Demon Pit is expected to launch in Q3/Q4 2019 on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. The Demon Pit demo is available now for free on Steam. Latest information about the game can be found on it’s website at or @DemonPitGame on Twitter.

Demon Pit – Announce Trailer | Digerati

DoomCube (@DoomCube Twitter) is an outsourcing service for video game graphics that primarily specializes in 2D graphics and animation. Based in Galway, Ireland, DoomCube is spearheaded by Paul Conway who is a nine year veteran of the industry.

Psychic Software (@psychicsoftware Twitter) is a game developer based out of Galway, Ireland. Founded in 1995 by Sam Redfern, the studio has been making award winning indie titles ever since. The studio’s recent title Orbs.It won the Best Technical Achievement award from the Imirt Irish Game Awards in 2017.

Digerati (@DigeratiDM Twitter) is a PC and console game publisher that helps independent developers put their games into the hands of gamers. The company takes care of funding, distribution, marketing, and production while allowing developers to focus on making incredible games and unique experiences.