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Alphaman PC and Linux Platformer Out Now

A new Mega Man-like platformer from Heartfelt Games LLC titled Alphaman is out today for PC and Linux.

Originally intended as a prototype of a more dark and serious Mega Man X-like, Alphaman took a different turn during development. It was decided by the developer to make a prequel game or series instead.

In the year 20XX android AI can now serve humanity and replaces dangerous and repetitive jobs. All of the world is grand and at peace until some underground hackers called the Red Bombers had to ruin the fun. The Berserker Virus was unleashed into the Personal Android general population that included models intended for arena battles. It is now up to Alpha, the first designed fighting android to stop the infected bots and take down the Red Bombers.

In Alphaman there are 7 different handcrafted stages and a single final boss stage. There is at least one boss per stage. Players will control Alpha as they acquire boss weapons and upgrades in their fight to stop the Red Bombers. Alpha will be provided intel before each mission from an operator that gives players some backstory to the stage. Players looking for fast action can skip past the dialog.

The game is blast from the past that features 8-bit inspired graphics. However it features newer controls that allow for running, jumping, shooting, dashing, and wall climbing. In addition, Alphaman features a retro 8-bit chiptune soundtrack composed by Kezia Salmon.

Alphaman is now available on Steam for PC at a price of $4.99 USD. The game is also available DRM-free on for PC and Linux players at a price of $5.00 USD. With the launch of Alphaman a special 10% discount runs until November 26, 2019.

Alphaman Official Gameplay Trailer 2019 | Heartfelt Games

Heartfelt Games LLC (@TrueYomic Twitter) is an independent developer based out of Shreveport, Louisiana. Founded in 2015 by Tommy “Try” Cockrell, they are a developer of desktop based computer games. The developer’s first title When It Hits the Fan was released in 2017 with positive reviews on Steam.