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Rune II – Viking RPG Out Now

Nearly twenty years ago, Human Head Studios unleashed an action-packed Viking hack-and-slash adventure into the world with Rune, and now its successor Rune II is out today.

Valhalla awaits players who are alone or with friends. The gods have lost control in this Norse adventure where undead evils plague the lands. Loki sits upon the destruction of a world that never ends as the remaining humans struggle to restore Midgard.

In this endless nightmare created by Loki, players will face off in melee combat against ferocious giants, gruesome undead Draugr, and vicious beasts. Exploration, crafting, and fighting will be key to success and survival through the post-apocalyptic world. Loki’s minions are everywhere as players seek out precious artifacts and forge mighty weapons as they fight to end Ragnarok.

Players are able to journey through cast lands, build Viking longboats, and sail through dangerous waters. By completing quests for their chosen god they will be granted power to end Loki’s never ending apocalypse. Those who help end Ragnarok once and for all will be invited to take a seat in the halls of Valhalla.

Our dedicated fanbase has kept Rune alive and we are indebted to them as they are essential partners who have helped us build Rune II. Thank you for those who have stuck with us during this journey of more than 20 years. We set out to build upon the Rune franchise as an homage to the original while adding new elements like modern combat mechanics and Unreal 4’s visual capabilities that we hope will exceed the expectations of today’s gamers.

Chris Rhinehart, Human Head Studios Co-Founder & RUNE II Project Lead

It is said that when Ragnarok ends, Loki will die. To prevent this fate, Loki has found a way to manipulate the flow of time and continuously resets the Ragnarok Timer. This has created an infinite cycle of chaos and with each reset a new era begins. Every era has new obstacles, but with each age comes the opportunity to gain more power that eventually will be used to defeat Loki.

Rune II is out now exclusively on the Epic Games store for Windows PC with the base Warrior Pack Edition priced at $29.99. The Berserker Rage Edition, priced at $39.99 includes the Berserker weapon, armor recipes, and Rune II soundtrack. Priced at $59.99 is the God Slayer Edition that includes the Ship of the Valkyrie, Viking Warlord armor, Sigurd’s Axe, and Founders Banner recipes.

More information can be found on the game’s website at, on the Rune II official Discord, or @play_rune on Twitter.

RUNE II Loki Is Back – Launch Trailer | Human Head Studios

Human Head Studios (@humanheadgames Twitter) is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. The independent studio has more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing commercial games and is best known for their critically acclaimed titles Rune and Prey. Development by Rune II is being funded by ESDF Management, a video game production and finance company.

ESDF Management is a video game production and finance company based in California. The company is lead by a veteran team experienced with fundraising, development, and marketing. Backed by some of the best partners and investors in the industry, the company focuses on working with top creative talent while creating high-quality fun games.