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Rune II Ragnarok Timer Explained

Yesterday, Human Head Studios, the developer behind the Viking mythos RPG game Rune II, dropped a video explaining the Ragnarok timer.

In the video, Mitch, a community manager on Rune II, talks about the Ragnarok Timer. First viewers that Loki has hidden himself on the Vigrid Plain along with an Agefall Rune. This rune allows Loki to rewind time which resets the world and prevents Ragnarok from ending. All of this allows Loki to keep himself from dying as he has been fated to die at the end of Ragnarok.

The Ragnarok Timer is a core mechanic of Rune II. It is designed to give players a sense of urgency to complete their objectives within a give age. In effect it is a countdown timer to the end of the world. As the clock nears the end the world starts to show the end is near.

When the clock hits zero, the player is transported to the Vigird Plain. There the player takes on the all powerful Loki. If the the player fails to defeat him or the player is killed there is a Bifrost Gate inside the Vigird Plain that will teleport the player back to Midgard.

However, there is a twist. With each reset comes a new age. The player finds oneself at an earlier point in Ragnarok with a slightly different world. Each new age is filled with unique challenges and obstacles that the player must overcome. Some of the challenges are giants everywhere, perpetual night, poison clouds throughout the world, different enemy variants, age unique abilities and resources, and more.

Even though there are time travel mechanics in Rune II, the game is not rogue-lite or rogue-like. Things such as equipment, physical layout of the world, and explored map progress persist across the various ages.

Players will need to play many ages in order to build up enough power to bring Loki down and end Ragnarok.

Rune II is aiming for a Summer 2019 release exclusively on the Epic Games store for Windows PC. More information can be found on the game’s website at, on the Rune II official Discord, or @play_rune on Twitter.

Rune II Ragnarok Timer Explained | Human Head Studios

Human Head Studios (@humanheadgames Twitter) is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. The independent studio has more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing commercial games and is best known for their critically acclaimed titles Rune and Prey. Development by Rune II is being funded by ESDF Management, a video game production and finance company.