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Planet Zoo Lets Players Build Impressive Zoos

Frontier, the creator of Planet Coaster, brings a deep and powerful sim in Planet Zoo that allows players to build awe-inspiring zoos.

Players travel the globe looking to build the zoo of their dreams in this sim. This is done while learning to care for a wide range of authentic living animals who think, feel, and explore the world around them. In all there are over 70 animals available to create challenging, diverse, and magnificent zoos.

A balance must be struck between animal welfare and conservation efforts with visitor enthusiasm at the zoo. Players with a savvy eye for entrepreneurship can work the balance sheets as they take on staff cost, building maintenance fees, ticket sales, and guest donations. Those with an eye for zoology can work with research new facilities, enrichment items and habitat customizations in an effort to create the perfect zoo.

We’re delighted to release the next entry in the Planet series. Planet Zoo is very much a labour of love for the team after two and a half years of researching animal traits and behaviours and translating that into what we think is a deep and rewarding sim game. The reception from announce to beta to launch has been wonderfully affirming, and we’re all excited to see what players create.

Piers Jackson, Game Director

Along with today’s game release, comes the Planet Zoo Launch Trailer. Similar to the E3 trailer, the launch trailer seen below, shows in-game footage set to an inspiring soundtrack. In addition, the trailer revealed the East Asia theme with new animals that includes the Giant Panda, Chinese Pangolin, and Flamingo as well as other attractions such as the gondola.

There are six biomes, varied weather types, and a full night and day cycle that impacts everything from zoo management to animal welfare. Players will develop their skills and knowledge along their journey in a variety of challenges.

Both online and offline plays is available with weekly and monthly community challenges. This offers new zoologists the chance to test their skills, habitat and decoration blueprints, and trade animals online at the market with other players in order to maintain a healthy genetically diverse zoo.

Planet Zoo is available today on PC through Humble Bundle and Steam for $44.99 USD. The Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition is also available for $54.99 USD through Humble Bundle and Steam which includes an additional three unique animals: Pygmy Hippopotamus, Thomson’s Gazelle and Komodo Dragon, a set of wallpapers, and original soundtrack by JJ Ipsen. More information can be found on the Planet Zoo website at or follow @PlanetZooGame on Twitter.

Planet Zoo – Launch Trailer | Frontier

Frontier (@frontierdev Twitter) was founded in 1994 by David Braben with the goal to build a team to continue creating high quality, innovative games. Now with over 400 individuals working at Frontier, the developer still actively recruits strong candidates in many disciplines to work on an exciting and diverse mix of projects.

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