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Staxel Saturday Patch 1.4.39

The developers over at Plukit sneaked in a small Saturday morning update to their voxel-based sandbox world Staxel with patch 1.4.39.

Diving straight into the changes the most notable affects seeds and seed makers. All gold seed chances have been increased while gold fruit int he seed maker remain unchanged. In addition seed amounts have been made less random and have been slightly increased across the board. In other words players should see more consistent and higher seed returns when using the seed maker.

Another important change to note affects animals and hunger which is now capped at 2 rather than the previous 5. Now when a player neglects their farm animals, the animals will only consume 2 food instead of up to 5. Animals will also no longer despawn if they get too hungry or too unhappy.

Culinary enthusiasts in Staxel should be happy to know that the Cheesecake recipe no longer requires the Patisserie Mixer and can now be made in the comfort of their own farm house kitchen. Coffee Beans now count as berries in terms of pricing and still grow year round.

The full patch notes are available below:

Staxel 1.4.39 (191005a)

This patch contains a rebalance of seed maker, as well as some smaller fixes. All golden seeds chances from the seed maker have been increased, and certain crops will give more seeds back.

Note: Gold fruit in the seedmaker have not been changed this update.

  • Increased all gold seed chances from the seedmaker.
  • Seed amounts have been made less random, and have been slightly increased across the board.
  • Cheesecake does not require the Patisserie Mixer anymore.
  • Coffee beans now count as berries in terms of pricing. (Sell for about 1/10 the price.) They still grow year round.
  • Certain emotes no longer appear from the lucky box.
  • Fixed the off chance that rain could stay raining indoors for a long period of time, when enabling the “prevent weather indoors” option.
  • Added “/hasCheated” as a command to check if the world has been cheated.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause farms 2-4 to rotate into the town and destroy buildings.
  • Fancy Table and Fancy Table Small now have docks to place items in.
  • Animal Hunger has been capped to 2 food, rather than the previous 5 food. (They will eat 2 things if left alone for a while)
  • Removed the ability for animals to despawn if left hungry and unhappy for too long.
  • Harden animal scripts to stop them from infinitely eating.
  • Fixed sponges having the wrong name on occasion.
  • Giant turnip is no longer a quest item and is sellable.
  • You can now select dialogue options with right click.
  • Make sure some commands give proper errors when you don’t have enough arguments.
  • Counters and store shelves are now required to be placed on the ground, in order to count, for all stores.
  • Safety checks for duplicated control bindings.
  • Avoid crashing if recipe book goes out of range.
  • Avoid crashing on docks in cases where it expected an item but none was found.

Staxel with patch 1.4.39 is currently available on Humble Bundle, Steam and GOG for a base price of $19.99 USD. For more information on Staxel visit the game’s website at

Staxel (@StaxelGame Twitter) is developed by Plukit, a development team based out of the Netherlands and is published by Humble Bundle.

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