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Smart City Plan Early 2020 Launch

Players looking for a new modern city builder game will find a new entry to the genre with Smart City Plan in an early 2020 launch.

Ambiera that indie game developer behind Smart City Plan and the previously launched title Business Magnate, announced several key features of the game along with the first screenshots and gameplay footage. In addition a Steam page has been added for Smart City Plan.

Billed as a modern city builder, Smart City Plan features zones, roads, public transportation, taxes, and policies. All of these are used to implement a strategy and manage a modern smart city.

The transportation system includes most modern means such as subways, trains, trams, and buses while including future technology such as the hypertube. Traffic problems can be solved using a wide array of utilities along with intelligent road and rail building methods.

Laws and policies play a core role in any city management simulation. In Smart City Plan players can decide what type of city they want with their choices. Policies on energy, water usage, insulation, smart garbage management, taxes, and more will guide a player’s city. Laws will tell your city what to do such as gun control, anti-corruption, pollution, speed limits, gambling, and more as well. Players can literally turn their city into a green city by enforcing the usage of living walls within the city.

Zoning affects how the city grows. Commercial, office, industry, agriculture, and three different types of residential zones are available for players to plan their city layout.

Depending upon policy choices and laws players can attract special industries to their cities such as space based businesses. Sandbox mode, once unlocked, allows for the exact placement of every building letting a player design the city of their dreams.

Smart City Plan is available for pre-order on the game’s website for PC. Pre-orders will also have beta version access once available. The estimated released date for Smart City Plan is early 2020. Interested players can also add the game to their wishlist on Steam.

For the latest information on Smart City Plan visit the game’s website at

Smart City Plan – Announcement Trailer | Ambiera

Ambiera (@Ambiera Twitter) is a small independent game developer based out of Vienna, Austria. Founded by Nikolaus Gebhardt, the company has helped in creating more than 200 computer and video games. Better known for its game development tech such as the CopperCube game engine, Ambiera has been developing games since 1996 with Business Magnate being a recent title release.