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Business Magnate Merges Into Launch Release

Independent game development company Ambiera today had the launch release of their business management simulation title Business Magnate. After releasing the first gameplay trailer in November last year, Business Magnate is now available on the Steam platform.

The game takes a simple premise of starting a company and quickly expands upon the complexities of running a business. For example a player chooses to start a car company. They must design a car. Is it a combustion engine or a hybrid? Maybe electrical? Next the car must be produced, marketed, and sold.

Other types of products can be sold too such as trucks, tanks, ships, airplanes, phones, computers, and even rockets.

Success brings the ability to start additional companies and run them all simultaneously.

Companies are complex economic creations that require strategy. Players will need to build offices, warehouses, and production facilities. New product types comes from researching new components. Which in turn will need to be produced as well. Once new products are in production, consumers will need to know about them through marketing.

Also, don’t players should not forget that companies have employees. They will need management.

Business Magnate is now available on Steam for Windows PC at a cost of $12.99 USD. A special promotion of $11.69 runs until March 8, 2019. More information can be found on the game’s site at

Ambiera (@Ambiera Twitter) is an independent software and game developer based in Austria. Founded by Nikolaus Gebhardt, the company has helped in creating more than 200 computer and video games. Better known for its game development tech such as the CopperCube game engine, Ambiera also creates games from time to time.