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HyperParasite Adds Act 4 Update

Troglobytes Games have rolled out a big update for their rogue-lite twin-stick shooter HyperParasite which also adds Act 4 content.

Offering a series of radical visuals and story set in the 1980s, HyperParasite is filled with fast action, tight controls, and retro 3D pixelated aesthetics. Along with classic twin-stick gameplay the action never stops as players shoot and zap their way through levels.

In the update that adds Act 4 over 10 new characters have been added that includes the Diesel Punk and Mercenary. Alien Hunter and Space Huntress mini-bosses have been added along with others. New areas such as the Desert, Guards Tower, and Area 81 sub-level are ready for players to blast their way across as they find what is described as an insane new level boss.

Character descriptions in the Almanac have been updated. New secrets are waiting for players to discover and exploit them. Lastly the Save and Quit system has seen an update with a new mechanic.

Previously, HyperParasite had seen weekly updates that have introduced two brand new acts, new characters, levels, mini-bosses, gameplay mechanics, and quality of life features. In addition developer and community gameplay streams have helped to show off new features. As a part of this update the game has received a revised release date for Q1 2020 and a price increase to $12.99 USD from $10.99 USD.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our early adopters playing HyperParasite on Steam Early Access and with your feedback and critique, we have finely honed and refined the game. With the implementation of Act 4, we feel it’s the right time to increase the price from $10.99 to $12.99, which we feel still offers incredible value for money. If you’re at Gamescom, we’d love to show you how far our game has come along in development since our initial Early Access release!

Saverio Caporusso, CEO of Trologbytes Games

Currently the game features 60 different classes all of which the player can control. Each class has their own attributes, weapons, and moves that ain in presenting a game full of awesome action and vigorous brawling.

HyperParasite is available in Early Access on Steam for Windows PC at a price of $12.99 USD. More information is available on the HyperParasite game website at

HyperParasite Act 4 Teaser | Troglobytes Games

Troglobytes Games (@_Troglobytes_ Twitter) is a small independent studio based in Barcelona, Spain. The studio was founded by both industry veterans and young talents who love playing and creating video games with the mission to create innovatively high quality games with a focus on storytelling and aesthetics.

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