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Emberlight Roguelike Dungeon Crawler

Emberlight, the roguelike dungeon crawler from Quarter Onion Games that combines a new twist with classic gameplay has launched.

Set in a universe where the gods have given a great gift and a great curse to players, Emberlight is a true roguelike single player RPG dungeon crawler. Each dungeon is procedurally generated. As a Knight of the Ember Order players set off to conquer the quests given to their party while uncovering the lore of the land.

Knight’s of he Ember Order have the ability to absorb the abilities used by their enemies. Every ability has a chance to be learned allowing for character customization for whatever goals a player has in mind.

However, absorbed abilities come at a great cost. Each absorbed ability corrupts the soul. Slowly the knight will lose themselves to evil as the quest progresses. This evil is shown in unstable corruption traits which leads to a metamorphosis into an evil being, such as a lich. At this the point the party is doomed.

After completing the quest the most corrupted will kill off their former allies in an epic battle. The corrupted being begins to attract evil around them and acts as a boss in a future quest once their influence has expanded. All the powers gained during the run will be retained by this entity providing a never-ending challenge in future runs. Every corrupted boss requires a stronger party to defeat them. Does the cycle run forever, who knows?

Emberlight provides a unique take on both roguelike and turn-based games. Absorbing abilities from fallen enemies and finding that preferred mix for the player’s styles makes the game is easy to learn, but hard to master. Then when it’s all said and done, corruption throws a curveball into the mix that messes up all your planning and makes you have to react on the fly.

William Phelps and Michael Hahn, Quarter Onion Games Co-Founders

Each run through featured 30 and 60 minutes of turn-based combat as the party attempts to accomplish the quests provided to them via the Grandmaster character.

The game held a month long beta in July where several gameplay features were highlighted in a beta gameplay video. Emberlight features the voice actress Lani Minella as the Grandmaster along with additional voice casting talent from No Studio In Particular and produced by Reece Bridger.

Emberlight is now available on and Discord for $14.99 USA. A special launch promotion at $12.74 USD is available until August 20, 2019. More information can be found at or on the Quarter Onion Games Discord.

Emberlight Launch Trailer | Quarter Onion Games

Quarter Onion Games (@quarteronion Twitter) is an indie game studio is based out of Pennsylvania, USA. The studio is focused on breaking the barriers between both genres and platforms. Emberlight is the studio’s debut game title.