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Emberlight Beta Details

Quarter Onion Games has announced that their true roguelike dungeon crawler, Emberlight, has entered Beta and will launch later in August.

With today’s big announcement, Quarter Onion Games also released a Beta gameplay video where a quick run through the Ruins occurs. In the video a battle takes player which viewers can watch a Pyromancer, Blaze Knight, and Smoke-Shrouded battle various enemies in turn-based combat. The deeper they dive into the dungeon the more corruption takes hold as they take on traits, expressed as powerful abilities, of their evil personas. On the last boss a rather big twist take place. No spoilers as the video is a must watch.

Combining classic PC gameplay and a novel twist, Emberlight is a true roguelike RPG single player dungeon crawler. Based in a world where the god’s have given players great gift and a great curse. Players can explore procedurally generated dungeons as a Knight of the Ember Order. Lore of the land is uncovered as players conquer and complete quests laid out before their party.

Emberlight has evolved into something special in the past 3 months since the game’s initial announcement. Players should take a second look at the game with its wider appeal.

Michael Hahn, Quarter Onion Games Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Knights of the Ember Order have the ability to absorb the abilities of their enemies. Every ability that is used by an enemy has a chance to be learned. This allows for customization of each character for whatever role and goal the player may have. However, this great gift may in fact be a curse.

Every absorb ability comes with a cost and that is your soul. Not so much as it destroys the soul, but rather corrupts it. Slowly as the quest progresses one will lose themself to evil. This change is seen in unstable corruption traits which leads to a metamorphosis becoming an evil being such as a lich. At this point the player has lost themself to corruption.

Each run lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. After completing the quest, the most corrupted will kill off their former allies in an epic battle. Our newly corrupted evil former ally will now attract evil building an army. Once their influence has expanded enough they will become a future boss having all the abilities they were provided with during the original run. Of course a stronger party will need to be formed to defeat the latest boss thus creating a cycle that may indeed repeat forever.

Emberlight is currently in its Beta with a full launch scheduled on Steam and Discord for August 13, 2019. More information can be found at or on the Quarter Onion Games Discord.

Emberlight Beta Gameplay | Quarter Onion Games

Quarter Onion Games (@quarteronion Twitter) is an indie game studio is based out of Pennsylvania, USA. The studio is focused on breaking the barriers between both genres and platforms. Emberlight is the studios debut title.