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Road Rage Royale in Early Access

France-based indie game development studio Neural Oscillations Games has driven their Kickstarter title Road Rage Royale into Early Access.

Road Rage Royale is an action packed racing fighting game. Set in a cyberpunk post-apocalyptic world 2 to 4 players take on the roles of cyborgs behind indestructible vehicles. The fuel is rage.

Back in June interested players were treated with a gameplay trailer. In the trailer the overall look and feel of the game’s atmosphere was conveyed through a series of fast action sequences. Each highlighted the close quartered combat one will experience while battling to be the last cyborg driving.

Cars are powered by the Rage Overdrive Engine. Rage comes from the driver. The greater the distance from the race leader the more rage a given cyborg will generate. More rage means more engine power and more damage taken. Players will want to be careful.

While the game is all about survival it is also a race. Being in the lead has its perks. Being in first avoids taking passive damage, however players will want to watch their rears. Impact damage is determined by the speed of the car. So that player in 3rd place can get some speed built up and really smash the leader.

Rage also fills small reservoirs that are used to trigger unique active skills. When used wisely these skills can make a huge difference. And don’t forget about drifting. Metal wheels on a metal track allows for some major drifting.

I wanted to play a game that was the perfect mix between tactical fighting and racing. Car combat with no guns where you have to race as well as you fight. I couldn’t find any so I’m making it the best I could.

Barmy Failure, Road Rage Royale Game Director and Neural Oscillations Games Founder

Road Rage Royale is now available in Early Access for Windows players on Steam at a price of $17.99 USD. A free demo is also available on Steam for PC players. More information can be found on the game’s website at The Neural Oscillations Games YouTube channel is filled with several gameplay videos.

Neural Oscillations Games (@NeurOsciGames Twitter) is a single person indie game studio based out of Orléans, France. Founded by Barmy Failure in 2018 and claims “I make games that don’t exist for people who don’t exist.”