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Road Rage Royale Gets Gameplay Trailer

Indie game development studio Neural Oscillations Games dropped a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming Road Rage Royale Kickstarter title.

In this trailer players get a look of the atmosphere and feel of Road Rage Royale with a series of fast and intense sequences. All of the sequences highlight the close combat tactical racing that is at the core of the gameplay.

Road Rage Royale Official Gameplay Trailer

Two to four players are thrown onto a racetrack and battle until there is only one left. The race leader automatically deals damage to all who pursue them who also gain various bonuses that can dish out some serious damage. Player will need to deploy tactical strategies along with the racing skills to be victorious on the track.

Each round proceeds at a thrilling pace that gets intense. For new players they will find the game easy to learn, hard to master.

With the trailer also comes a set of screenshots. In addition the Road Rage Royale Kickstarter campaign is still underway and lasts until Wednesday, June 19, 2019 where it ends at 12:34 AM PDT. Interested backers should check out the Road Rage Royale Kickstarter page.

Road Rage Royale has a free demo on Steam for PC players. The game is expected to enter Early Access in late July 2019. More information can be found on the game’s website at

Neural Oscillations Games (@NeurOsciGames Twitter) is a single person indie game studio based out of Orléans, France. Founded by Barmy Failure in 2018 and claims “I make games that don’t exist for people who don’t exist.”