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Forged of Blood Tactical RPG Steam Release

Forged of Blood, the epic fantasy turn-based tactical RPG from indie developer Critical Forge has released and is now available on Steam.

Less than a month removed from the end of the Forged of Blood Beta, players can now purchase this 30-40 hour long epic story. Rather than sticking to tradition in the genre, Forged of Blood has shaken up things up with fresh gameplay mechanics. Most notable is the freeform character development system instead of traditional classes. This is in addition to the Spellcrafting system and the Tri-Axis Personality Index.

The epic campaign in the game sends players on a journey to win back the kingdom. Being the second son of a murdered king, the hero must gather skilled warriors and help his brother reclaim the throne of Attiras.

Unlike other games where combat is limited to iron and steel, Forged of Blood allows every character wield magic. Some characters might be more attuned to magic than others however the Magurite Spellcrafting system provides impressive customization options. Players can choose between Thermal, Spirit, and Arcane energies and then adapt these powers suiting their playstyle.

For example a player can select to make a spell that drains or expels. From there they can equip one of eight modifiers. The spell can be further enhanced for a specific purpose by adding up to five additional modifiers from 24 different options. This allows for millions of customization options and is where the game really encourages players to experiment with different combinations.

Instead of bad and good, Forged of Blood plays with a new system, the Tri-Axis Personality Index. This index dictates how the world responds to the player’s interactions. Each individual act is given nuance by the system. Choices affect the player’s Rationalism, Altruism, or Hedonism by pushing or pulling them towards the different theologies.

In addition the world reacts to the player’s past actions and their reputations. Every action and every death alters the outcome as players battle their way to one of the 64 possible ending combinations.

Other features include a turn-based squad-based tactical system on an epic fantasy scale. There are nine varied weapons and abilities that lets players build a squad without class restraints. Players can lead up to three parties in the fight to reclaim the empire. The world is at war and players must answer the call.

Forged of Blood is now available on Steam for Windows PC at the price of $29.99 USD. More information can be found on the game’s website at or @ForgedofBlood on Twitter.

Critical Forge is a small indie studio based out of Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently the eight member team is working on their Forged of Blood RPG. The studio touts itself as a young studio with an old soul that is looking to make games they grew up playing.